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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

let it blow

This is why I'd like to have staff. It just eats too much of my time.

click for a ridiculously wordy tutorial and reasons why it's a supposedly a good idea

And that is exactly why I'm not fond of WordPress. The sheer amount of work it takes to actually set it up correctly in the first place is dumb. I've got what, 5 WP accounts now? I've never downloaded ANYTHING. Nada. I blog just fine, got 2 domains just fine, and yeah it looks sloppy and unprofessional like my jeans and t-shirt, but it's easy, fast, and still basically 'mine'.

What brought this up? Stupid verifying pinterest, that's what. I'm actually verified. I've got the checkmark, have had it for at least a year. They turned it off because I'm not 'famous'. #facepalm I've got gravatar verifying my stuff, G+ verifying my stuff, my Lexx on G+ actually has a checkmark thanks to Xanga, but WordPress and pinterest are like oil and water now. 'WordPress' is no longer considered professional enough for pinterest (which started off with loads of incredulity itself). If you wanna be business savvy enough for pinterest now, you've gotta self-host.

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I know a guy who let his site sit completely dormant and empty for two years because he was waiting for a team to help him properly and professionally set up his coding. I know he had to pay money like I did to keep that site, but I didn't let mine sit empty. I started salvaging and repairing the shreds asap and loaded public backup over to new blogs just in case. I WORKED. ~~HARD~~. Not saying anything against biding time, more like get outa my frickin way and let. me. WORK.

I've been made fun of (rolling my eyes) by another person who has not only let sites sit around doing nothing but point, but paid tons of money to do it. And for what? Again, no hard feelings, but while other people sit around waiting for some idea of 'professional' to happen, I'm mangling lappy and stomping it flat in between cups of coffee. IF I WAIT I'LL DIE. Does no one else have a sense of urgency?

All the fancy blog stuff is like paint detailing a car and thinking that makes your content more special.

This is more my style.

Done now?

It's so tempting to go back to the real basics and make it all look like geocities super crap because THAT was magical. Yeah, like this guy. I'm in heaven, he's even got the crappy electronic music.

My Yablo's House used to be kind of like that, only it was on AOL Hometown. By the way, I'm split shifting runs into town today. This post is sort of like quality control on the job. Every little bit you gotta let the employees blow off some steam with a potluck or monthly birthday cake or something.

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