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Monday, September 28, 2015

Plans R Us

I know, I seem really scattered again lately, don't I? It's this new roof thing.

I had a great morning, fabulous workout, was thinking "I need a PLAN" after my workout was done while I was relaxing on the floor, and immediately got up and headed to bed. ~psyche~ The sheets are in the wash. Stabbed in my own back. And how could I even forget, I'd *just* put them in. Click the next one for cute cat physics.

So I am begrudgingly yelling FOCUS! GET TO WORK! at myself and throwing darts at plans. Which plan should I work on today?

I have so many plans umbrella'd under "TAKE OVER THE WORLD". There's "Continued Reallocation of Spaceship Space", "Start Over Again on the Flash Drive Thing", "Find My Kitchen Counter Before Christmas Gets Here", and the ever-elusive "Wrap My Head Around the Holiday Slide Chores, Again". Ooh, I know- "Get the Pile Behind My Chair Ready for my Sister Tomorrow." And I could always work on "Throw the Rugs in the Washer and Do the Floors". Yeah, those last two. Plus "Get Stuff Out of the Freezer and Cook a Couple Meals Ahead."

This next click is an awesome waste of time, thousands of pages to flip through in case you're stuck in a waiting room or something.

I'm in one of those weird I need a friend but I don't wanna talk phases where it would be easier to drive around shooting nerf guns at people's heads in parking lots and speeding off (my drinking days were baaaaaaad), and then go hang out eating ice cream and looking through movie rentals. The days when I actually did something with my life, like waste it instead of all this reorganizing my spacetime continuum stuff.

I need a Mycroft organizing me. That kind of a friend. Someone who gets the PLAN and knows which of my buttons to push.

At any rate, I must go shake a few rugs. If I actually really had staff, I'd go all Daniel Tosh-esque on them and have them make inspiring evil villain vids, I srsly need a #TeamWells.

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