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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Emergency Brain Melt Rescue Kit

Need help recovering from brain melt? I have discovered The Useless Web. Pinky approves the polite pink button. I have not yet been disappointed.

It's the kind of brain melt that feels like you nuked cheese whiz a little too long during a desperate fit for fake nachos (never do that), and everything is just one big sticky glob that's too hot to eat (seriously, never do that), and suddenly cures into a big hardened disk the second it reaches an edible temperature. Once you've reached that point, nothing on God's green earth seems beneath any kind of standard. Your dog wouldn't touch it, but you eat it anyway, not so it won't be wasted, but because you've sunk to the depths of not being able to face starting over again even though better food is just a few steps and 30 seconds away.

Today has had an unreal forever feel about it. Things kind of turn inside out when you've reached the highest number on the pain scale and realize you were duped by the guy who didn't know about unreal numbers when he drew that chart up.

The world gets weird. Yeah, like this, that "I kill wherever I please" line.

If your loved ones get lucky, that's when your brain says "See ya" and goes out to a party, leaving you to stare blankly and maybe slightly drool a little.


So now I'm looking for music.

Ok, these are my 3 fave useless websites because I stared at them the longest- favesecond favethird fave (interactive).

And you're welcome for Benedict crawling around on the floor. I know it helps.

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