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Friday, September 18, 2015

#Shezzaday 3

I'm going to play with tables again. Bear with me while I experiment.

#Shezzaday, to the tune of Yesterday

Shezzaday, the Christmas special seems so far away.
I'm not sure I can go on this way.
The waiting time is hell to pay.

Sullenly I'm twice the crazy fan I used to be.
I'm so lost without incumbency.
Oh, Shezzaday come rapidly.

It's the greatest show, time moves slow, I waste away.
I must sing this song, that I long for Shezzaday.

Shezzaday is my crutch so you just back away.
All my feels are in such disarray.
Oh, I need more than Shezzaday.

It's the greatest show, time moves slow, I waste away.
I must sing this song, that I long for Shezzaday.

Shezzaday, the game was on and I was glad to play.
Now I hit youtube while I pine away.
Please save me with a Shezzaday.

Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm

Fun with tables, woohoo!


Instead of Ps this time I'm trying divs. They both work but I think divs hold their spots better.

I also noticed from the first time I tried inserting a table that the embed vid inside one showed up full phone screen size but the one outside of the table didn't. We'll see what happens this time.

And now I'm noticing that using divs prevents being forced to insert break markers at all and allows blogger to hold true to the enter preference, but we'll see what throwing another iframe in here does to that.

Yeah, you all know what this is really all about. testtest  Ok, good. moreiframetesting

Awesome, it worked, yay! Using divs keeps all my enter key breaks from breaking. Sorry, bad pun, it's 3:54 a.m. and I've had my first couple of sips of coffee.

WO. That last iframe just kicked this whole set of vids right out of the table. wtf Blogger is so bossy. >=l I can see why other people get frustrated with webkit sites. Crossing your code streams is delicate work and not for the faint hearted.

The reason this is kind of a big deal is because I know *I* get frustrated when I hand off work to other people who work with tables and my awesome formatting gets a little wrecked up, and they don't know how to fix it and I can't go fix it myself because it's not my site.

One more vid? And then I might post this a day early to celebrate, make it a 2-day #Shezzaday celebration. (This is actually one more test to see if toggling back and forth between 'html' and 'compose' is the real culprit behind the fluctuations. Blogger does NOT like mixing tables and iframes. I'm bending it to my will. holycowitworked, yay!!!)

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