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Monday, September 21, 2015

philosophically, it's like saying experience is an ongoing fractal #fizzix

Guess I was right about more tech sync rollouts.

Android Wear now works with iPhones

Bootstrap 4 alpha

A massive update for our Smart TV and PlayStation® apps!

The Future of Developing Firefox Add-ons

One of these days it'll all just work. We won't need a million accounts, we won't have to worry about or pay for upgrades, all our tech will be a smooth experience that never crashes...

I was all over this kind of thinking back in 1998 when Virtual Slide aired.

Yeah, I'm mean, you have to pay to see that, but it's a really good ep, so worth it. But tell me what you think- the new science ideas physicists are tossing around about our universe being a hologram, our reality already being virtual- philosophically, it's like saying experience is an ongoing fractal. Those are my own words. I didn't read them anywhere. Ha, just made that my title.

Anyway, now I'm thinking how Hawking's light cone of events can be applied to fractals, kind of like turning the cone sideways and seeing time a little differently. Ok, I'll confess- I am one of those people who was thrilled when M-Theory sprung into life in the mid-90s because I'd already been thinking about that kind of stuff (thanks to Douglas Adams' obsession with couches and a character obsessed with digital graphing and mapping {1987}), but I never made it through calculus because the second week in, my Chinese professor told me in very Chinesey-French-accented English (got his degree in Canada) that I needed to stop jumping to third semester calc and stick to learning first semester homework (apparently I'd backward engineered calculus theory in two weeks) and asked me to leave his class or he'd flunk me. I'm also a big philosophy buff, as we shall see in my Existential Aspie when it comes out (God, please help me get DONE with this), so yeah, I'm all into experiential fractals now. I may possibly be the first person in the world to say that phrase. I should jump on that hashtag. #experientialfractals The picture of the universe in my head is more like that, if you can even imagine it.

How do I disentangle from this post. Perhaps Benedict being Hawking. I've never yet seen that. I'm afraid I'll bawl my eyes out. I've been a staunch Hawking fan since the 80s. I wrote somewhere on bluejacky that he was my icon through college while I ground around through classes in so terribly much pain, reasoning that if he could do it, so could I, and I learned to super focus my brain past pain, even using pain to force the focus. It's like the more pain I'm in, the deeper I can think. I spent several hours off and on yesterday sculpting the words for a Stanley Tweedle post. I should try to get that done today, my brain is super on right now.

Ok. Ben Hawking. #feels

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