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Friday, September 25, 2015


Got the call last night, said they'd be out there 'bright and early'. Scott is off on Fridays unless overtime, so I'm going into town with him this morning, avoid a few hours of noise and disturbance.

Scott got his fasting glucose checkup couple days ago and utterly failed this time, finally shot way over the 126 cut off into the 130s. He doesn't allow me in the doctor with him, but I'll be able to freely mock before and after.

I've had to put up with his holier-than-thou my DNA trumps yours for years, so now I get to rub it in his face if he winds up on metformin and has to deal with *cough* side effects *cough*. (In 2011 I was pulled back off over severe side effects in which I nearly dehydrated over just a few days, so I just count carbs and test a lot.)

So if you don't see me on the twitters or facebook, I'm either not home or I can't get online.

I missed the Heroes Reborn premiere last night because resolving a couple of tech issues about something else, but ran into tidbits of live tweet and can't wait to see it later today. I know Zach won't be back, but you know I'm a Sylar fan. This is the roof irl. Yeah, Sylar is the roof. We've been with this roof a long time. Definitely breaking up this time.

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