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Friday, September 18, 2015

wherein Strong Bad checks his klout score

Sort of a pleasant surprise.

But why? I haven't done anything different. So checking sources for measurment....

And at this point Strong Bad's voice erupted through my brain saying "YOUTUBE? Since when has youtube been part of my klout score? How in the world did it suddenly give me 23% more support?"

Dismiss for a few seconds that I'm pretty much a nobody who does very little on youtube nowadays, and my lifetime views plummeted from awesome to eat dirt when I nearly pulled the plug, and ever since it's been little more than a basic flatline from near extinction. So why is klout suddenly telling me youtube is giving me 23% of my overall klout score ~now~??? Well, I've had playlists going for awhile, right? Sherlock has been a really huge deal with me. I've been getting some politely respectable (laugh if you will) sorta back-from-the-dead playlist numbers ever since last April.

But that doesn't explain why now.

And then I remembered- Oh, yeah, I started a new Lady GaGa playlist just this week. It has this description-
Could be anything Lady GaGa related as long as it helps me clean #PinkysHaus

And then I proceeded to hash all manner of despicable fan abuseries in between official VEVO releases. But, but... do playlist views count on klout now? Why yes, yes they do! Youtube seems to be rolling out cool new analytics stuffs. It's still a mess right now...

BUT the analytics are getting even more analytical (you can practically watch your visitors brush their teeth now). I mean, when I can see someone checking my stuff from a game console, yeah. And the little charts are getting groovy. I haven't checked this in awhile, but I'm pretty sure it's kinda new sometime this year. I can choose from six chart types. These are traffic sources in stacked area chart mode. Neat, huh?

And when you mouse over you get metrics.

Not all of the analytics are available for playlists yet, for instance, I went in circles going around 'not available right now' until I finally got into a couple of charts and was then able to kind of back track into what I couldn't direct link to in the analytics menu.

Yeah, what's up with 7-25-15? >=l No playlist embedded into a post that day. Kinda wondering if that's when I put the Khirk playlist into my side bar, but I play that one all the time on my phone while I'm in the shower and I'm not getting device analytics on it yet because it's still web-only mode, probably because they're still working on it, plus the hit dates don't match for that particular playlist.

Well, turns out it's my Sherlock 2 playlist, BING. Absolutely no idea why that day unless I linked it to twitter, but I'm not going to dig that deep on twitter and find out, but guess who is my biggest web visitor for that playlist. Waving to Japan, hi guys.

There were more, but you get the point. Also keep in mind that's web-only.

Ok, anyway, my POINT is that my klout score suddenly bumped up just in the last few days because youtube suddenly jumped into the game, so I think what's happening is youtube is rolling out a new deeper analytics model that feeds your social media analytics hubs like klout. I got an email from sumall recently about a new rollout they're doing, too, so I bet there's a lot of syncing going on in the coding world, finally. I've talked before about the big information gaps between this tracker or that, and how they read differently from google analytics and stuff, but I think, given a little more time, it's all going to start mashing up more sweetly.

And thanks muchos nachos to Benedict Cumberbatch and Lady GaGa for being big dealios because my klout score went up just because I made some playlists. And thanks to Strong Bad on general principal.

This is like the big taco of Haus of GaGa, it's got parodies, Sherlock, Star Trek, DJ mixes, fan smashes, and of course, the Mother Monster herself.

:edit: 9-19-15

Thanx to stat stuff running back through some older posts, I discovered that I made this public playlist on the day of the big spike and linked it the next day in this post that I never shared a link to, but which pretty much confirms that date for me. I didn't realize that playlist was that old. Again, thanx Ben, u rock.

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