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Thursday, September 24, 2015

future end date reset

I sent this card to my dad for his birthday. >=D It'll probably inspire a lengthy phone convo. Everything he knows about the internet comes from what he hears on his local TV and radio (Sirius), so we've had some wild Q&As about facebook (everyone automatically gets one at birth), why I won't blow up other people's timelines with his truth declarations about the rapture (that's called trolling, Dad), reasons why I don't try to hack into govt sites to see what's really going on (it sounds so easy, everyone else seems to be doing it), and sometimes we wind down with mundane things like why getting a debit card is no more evil than writing a check. If he ever does cave and get one, I will laugh so hard if his number winds up with a 666 in it, he'll just die.

By the way, in case anyone missed it, the world didn't end yesterday, evil dark matter full of Satan and his minions weren't ushered through the large hadron collider at CERN (seriously, that was a huge thing), and another end of the world / rapture date has gone by. I've noticed it has kinda ramped up to 2 or 3 times a year now since the Mayan calendar thing in 2012. I mean, we are this close, people. Keep watching those Jewish holidays, because nervous Christians, UFOlogists (yes, that's actually a real word), survivalists, and anyone caught up in their event horizons have all started syncing on their end dates like a big psychological roller coaster. Wonder how many disappointed people woke up this morning and went Ug, we're still here. Don't worry, they'll get all ramped up and excited again, you never know, this could be the year. We jUst GoT tHe dATe wrOnG.

Large Hadron Collider at Cern, Send back our Socks!

Speaking of end dates, I found some expired yogurt at the very bottom back of the fridge a few days ago, so I've been working on that all week. Kinda like aged cheese, a little whangier but really good.

So this happened. It's my second major sox splurge of the season, but I couldn't help it. These are the softest sox I've ever touched. I couldn't stop holding them.

And wouldn't you know, the second I'm assessed out of physical therapy early because my progress has been fabtastic, the roofing supplies show up. Seriously. I spent three weeks away from the house nearly every single day, the night before my first whole week of days in a row not having to go anywhere, boom, here comes the noise. Last night was a surprise, just showed up, no phone call, dropped supper to go move cars and finished watching the Blindspot premier that we DVRd, which was pretty cool, but with mundo roof supply stacking noise.

Oh man, can't wait to tell Dad about my 'theory' (he likes to talk about theories) about the latest trend in new scifi being mind wipe shows (Dark Matter and Blindspot) where people wake up not remembering who they are but find out they're specially trained killers. Ever since I was in kindergarten my dad has been saying psychology is government control, and we all know about the Illuminati, and my own theory (lol) is that we are being brain trained to prep us for weird things coming. You know, like how the whole world blacked out for a couple of minutes in Flashfoward. Since he doesn't watch any of this stuff (no satellite, plus scifi is of the devil), I'm the one who gets to tell him what's going on out there. Nearly everything scifi out there is about economy and govt fail or control, alien invasion, worldwide viral outbreaks and epidemics, and how people survive this stuff, as if we are being conditioned to start thinking it through NOW before it actually happens. This is our early warning system. The right people will survive, the ones who can think things through, plan ahead, coordinate regroup, etc. I think it bothers my family that I'm not concerned about CERN. Get it? ConCERNed. Too early? Hang on, I need more coffee.

I just realized that I've never tagged any of my Pinky posts with survivalists, rapture, end of the world, government, mind control, programming, or similar, but I have used UFOs and CERN. Maybe it's an unconscious you guys don't need to monitor me thing. Years ago I blogged about some of the stuff my dad said about Obama getting into office and got hit pretty hard by Virginia, I'm sure my blog was used for training purposes at Langley. I think I was the first person in AOL groups to pop up and say The Lone Gunmen's first ep Pilot was about diverting a passenger plane from plowing into the World Trade Center just months before it really happened. That show got pulled so fast...

I've mentioned my dad growing up in the middle of wheat fields with no outside contact and has been correctly predicting current events in govt his whole life. Tell me how that just happens. This is a fun search. psychological splintering in politics and religion You know, in case you're having a bad day because you were all excited and the world didn't end and now you're all bummed out.

I just know I'm gonna be on the winning team. Some of you know what that means. Most of you have no clue and think it's all crazy talk. Blue pill. Go back to sleep. It's just a bunch of silly but very successful marketing. It's all the rage in fame now. It's lucrative. Some day the science will hone it down to brain chips that can reorganize brain wave patterns to help people with depression, instead of keeping people medicated, just touch base with a handler, tweak some code, feel much better, and we'll all be on board with it.

Anyway, if you don't understand the GaGa mythos (wild leap here, if you don't follow, that's ok), it's a creation story, a rebirth, a signal to buyers that it works. Social psychology and marketing. The new fashion, and everybody wants in. The symbolism is exquisite. I'm only saying this because the world hasn't ended yet. If the mythos is real, the splintering has begun, and I think the point being made is that there will be no stopping it. Masons and Moors are fine tuning their thousand year competition for dominance.

Since we've not gotten any heads up phone calls, I have no idea if the roofing crew will be out this morning. There's a good chance my internet will get glitchy or stop for awhile if they do, so thank goodness I picked up that flash drive, I'll just spend the day moving stuff off my hard drive. And since it might get noisy later, I'll celebrate the world not ending with my Lady GaGa playlist, which is rife with mysterious imagery. For some reason. *cough*popculturearmy*cough*

In case you still keep missing it, much of the GaGa imagery invokes the feeling that Masons are letting the Vatican know they are taking over the Catholics. Considering how many of you are hooked on bloody vampire zombie death shows, I totally see this happening. Remember, religious and political splintering. It's lucrative. It's all the rage and you're already on board. When I see a bible belt of Southern Baptists mimicking dark Catholacism imagery in fashion and taste, I know it was a successful sale.

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