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Monday, September 21, 2015

I want you to be my luv toy (HAPPY MONDAY, GUYS)

@bonenado is mildly fussing this morning about his backup floating around in a carbonite cloud that doesn't recognize him having an account since the phone switch. I've never trusted any phone company's backup reassurances to the cloud. Phone accounts are still way too solvent for that kind of eternal storage.

It's like the memory catacombs in Super Nova- who's going to ever go through all that? Humans could go extinct from a nuclear winter and as long as there is some kind of power getting to servers, all our memories will float in a vague cloud no one else knows how to access. We are in the packrat stage of our evolution. We think everything we think is precious and must be hung onto for posterity.

Meanwhile, getting warm fuzzies seeing someone bouncing around from a Lexx forum to my Lexx blog on a work computer, because it's only one state over from me and I so rarely see Lexx fan activity in the heartland. It's usually coastal, Canada, Euro, and a big nod to anything and everything remotely associated with Russia because over here we're terrible and lump all your political carnage and abusery together. I know some of you are caught in some very real situations. Ditto on the 'anything and everything remotely associated with' for Asia and Arabs, too, and a final nod to South America, I know you guys are still invisible to most North Americans while you take over food production and tech development for the entire planet. I think we're afraid of you guys because cartels run your soccer leagues and shoot players who don't score and half of you run around without pants on doing crazy sex things. I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding on our part.

Anyway, yeah, Lexx in the heartland. I'm not alone.

I did a little brush up research yesterday on fibro flare. My biggest challenge in PT is learning to hold back. I clearly overwork, nothing like having to be trained to go slow and easy. I worked like a dog through my entire childhood because that's what Mennonites DO, and it's just really hard for me to slow down when I feel good enough to GO. So I'm having a great year, I get back in PT, I push the upper core and then lock into position in a dentist chair for a checkup, push more upper core next morning, and blow up into super defcon all weekend, omg. I was doing deep tissue massage until I bruised myself, unconsciously stretching almost nonstop trying to get away from the pain spiking up from my shoulder blade through all the nerves around my skull, heat felt great but didn't do a thing, and finally my right shoulder and neck froze into a solid mass of hard rock. When it got to the point where I couldn't even move my eyes without spiky pain, I finally caved and reviewed the dealing with flare stuff, and the word REST got into my head, and I was like Oh, yeah... Funny how I miss that sometimes. You'd think it would be counter intuitive to hold still during a fibro flare, but it worked.

A few years ago I did this and a doctor I saw was absolutely convinced I had sprained my neck. If you've sprained an ankle, imagine that in your neck and shoulder. So me and Romo both go down on the same weekend, and I'm basically doing the same thing he is- holding still. Don't move the arm. Keep my elbow tucked down at my side. No lifting, no reaching, no holding anything. REST. And that is actually working. My pain level is way down this morning. I think I'm going to cut out upper core the rest of the week, just stick to lower core and my walking schedule. Poor Romo fans, huh? HAHAHAHAHAHA Suck it, guys. Of course, I can't mock too quickly, I'm losing big time to @bonenado this week after losing by only one point to Mandie last week. Cameron and his groin again :roll eyes:, and I really doubt Ivory will pull 30 points for me tonight.

All this techno mumbo jumbo, most of you reading this probably hate football, don't even know what Lexx is, or care about stats for either one. One of you in the back is waving and cupping hands around mouth trying to yell "And we're sick of Sherlock too" and I'm going WHAT I CAN'T HEAR YOU.

It's Monday, I need some awesome. You guys have a good day while I go bounce around with coffee in me.

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