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Sunday, September 20, 2015

I suppose I'm in a headlock. Get it? *Head-lock* Nevermind....

Fave DMs and PMs after I announced on 2 different medias that I'm taking a break from them.

"Pinky I need to speak to you?"
*crickets chirp for 18 hours*
It's kinda like phone calls, if it wasn't important enough to leave a message, I'm not playing phone tag chasing down why.

"start watching this video at 35:54"
Aspie writes 3 long paragraphs back due to excitement trigger, cat scratch emoji snarls back.

"Okay random question - Travis Walton, the logger that was allegedly abducted by Aliens in the 70s. Truth or elaborate hoax? I want to believe it."
I... can't even ask why, what, huhhhh?

It's all good, though, at least it's not 'I skyped with this actor and he got weird flirting' again. I've only heard that how many times over the last year? Asexual aspie doesn't caaaaarrrrre.

I know I'm not particularly special for this, I'm sure several if not most of my friends got invites, too, but it felt good. I thought Cool, now I have an excuse for Lexxperience to invite him to like back. On some parallel Sliders world, the Lexx is a real thing and really blew up Orlando and ate Holland, so it's ok if he doesn't reciprocate. I know how offensive something like that can be.

Facebook says these are my top ten visiting countries so far on my Lexxperience page. The fans know it's there, but they're understandably *cough*shy*cough* because then their own stalkers can see them supporting me and jot more notes in dossiers. I'm surprised I have more than 3 likes on that page as it is. I know most of you can't appreciate all of us laying low on the fandom politics, hopefully for the greater good, but *I* can, and I'm pretty thrilled.

I'm amusing myself through a several days long headache. I hit defcon a few times over the last 24 hours. Little wobbly, but I can look at my screen again. I was actually up at 3 a.m. working on a Stanley post, so that'll come out sometime this week. I always wind up doing Lexx when the pain level breaks out off the chart and keeps drawing a line around the wall. Right now I'm about 2 walls around from the chart, really thankful we ebbed back down from that third wall. 'We' being all my little cells. Trillions of us. We're all in this together. Sometimes you hit not just one wall but 3 walls and leave a string of decorative chalk outlines.

+_+ I can't even look at my football team. I think I'm giving up again. This might be it for today.

Not my usual style, but it's easy on my head.

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