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Saturday, September 5, 2015

oblivious blaze of glory

I'm in one of my irritating moods where brazenly stupid kinda takes over and I have to be really careful not to be obvious because I'm probably already so obvious it's ridiculous.

This is the me that no one ever wants to play chess with again because I delight so much in dancing around mocking while I inflict death by a thousand cuts that some people quit before I even get to the checkmate part.

It's the me that leaves a wake of people cringing and facepalming in the trail of my blaze of glory.

The me who is oblivious to being an idiot lit up like neon because I'm busy getting lost in a meme search.

The me who dances around my head singing this kind of stuff....

LOL, you thought I'd stick a blaze of glory vid there... 😁

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