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Sunday, September 6, 2015

lame post-blazeofglory post, except I'm actually still euphoric and making really bad puns

Now I know what those other people in the med forums were talking about. +_+ Nothing like waking up at 2:30 a.m. wondering what in the world is going on now, and then remembering all the needle test sites. There's no way I'm going back to sleep. Wo, loads of cool stuff in a search for Sally Stitch's leg. If you can't sleep, this is the jackpot.

Youtube land is making my coffee weird. It's waaaaaay too early for coffee. This is going to be a long day.

All this public bloggy stuff keeps pulling me through a soul dredge I never expected. I'm going into the sixth month now.

Sorry, just found my way back out of deviantart. I forgot to bring you back a surprise because I was deep in thought again. Besides wondering why in the world my lips are so chapped alla sudden this week, where the mystery smell in the fridge is coming from, and whether I was too hasty telling @bonenado I'm not ready for a new phone yet (because he ordered one for himself and nyahed me), I keep wondering Why Ukraine? I mean, has someone over there actually cracked the not so stealthy subtext I keep veering madly off into the last 5+ months? Or is this a bot thing? I was really late getting Pinky blog hooked into google analytics, but now that I've got about a month under my belt I'm able to cross correlate a few dots with statcounter (omg statcounter is soooooo much more efficient, ripping out my eyeballs endlessly clicking through the stupid GA menus because I can't get individual synopses in nice little packets imagine me dragging my fingers down my face making my eyelids look creepy), but I'm getting a browser on it, so not a bot

Ooookaaaayyy, nearly dragging the laptop off the table to get more coffee because headphones still around my neck. Oh, so this is a thing now. There you go, guys, just got your Christmas shopping novelty item out of the way. I think they'd probably take off in the States if those were Baphomet horns because that's so ragey lately. I grew up with goats. The whole idiotic counter Christian movement using goat symbolism thing is so a thousand years ago, you guys know that, right? (He was their Chtulhu du jour, basically.) Anyway, cat ears. On your headphones.

I mean, not to mock your belief system, I know that's politically incorrect. It's just, I know you must realize the whole church and state thing gets tremendously blurred around Baphomet. I know some of you are brainwashed nearly from birth and can't go around telling people you've actually eaten a sacrificial baby because the Jesus freaks all around you really don't get why the other side of the world is calling our country Satan and you'd rather not get beaten nearly to death for wearing a Batman t-shirt in the wrong culty neighborhood (that happened less than 50 miles from my house a few years ago), but if you really wanna be anti-church/state thingy, keep in mind that the pentagrams around your necks really aren't any different from the crosses around theirs. You're all branded cattle from the perspective of the belief system I was raised in.

That is probably where the brazenly stupid thing just kicked in. You guys'll see some awesome brazenly when the book comes out. I cross so many lines that there's no way I'll ever be able to reset my life back to default.

It would be easier just playing a game of chess with me.

Let's see if I can find something to drag me back down out off this trampoline. There is a line in this song that is part of why I disappeared for awhile. ~metaphorically~ But trew.

This public bloggy stuff. Srsly. That was too draggy downy. I need something jaunty. Get it? Johnty.

Ug. Ok,
Ooh, big caution on this one.

Scott is up, guess I'd better get some bacon on or something. In case you're not done staring at the screen yet, click for a creepy survey. Not an ordinary survey. (Excellent Spelling and Grammar)!

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