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fun with glitter graphics 8-23-15

This is been moved from a post to a page because I can't figure out how in the world it's resetting the presentation, unless glitter graphics itself is doing it. I don't know if the view count will vanish, but it had 26 at the time of moving the html over. -p.s. This looks way better on a laptop than a mobile device.

Games are so fun, aren't they? sfx It's like I said. Lurker Games

See, what gives it away is someone coming in from a direct link to an ancient post because it's been bookmarked in order to come back and check.

And the thing is now, I'm PUBLIC. I've gone all public on purpose, and all my regular readers know I sometimes share stats.

That's a thing now, being totally public so regular readers, friends, family, and stalkers don't hafta work so hard to find every little bitty tiny thing I do. It would take both my hands to count the serious stalkers still checking up on whether I'm spilling any more beans or airing my laundry or generally being a self-obsessed self-righteous idiot.

I just want everyone to know- and I'm completely serious when I say this- this is the coolest one year anniversary gift Pinky blog could ever get. ~Because~ I *really* dig being lurked.

The sfx is my present to my readers so they can start playing this little game, too. They'll love the mystery and get all excited if another sfx tag shows up. win-win-win for all of us.

And what makes it even better is the all-time high of 4000 views I've never gotten before in one month here, AND this hot on the heels of my latest Lexx post, which has jumped to my 30 day top in a handful of hours flat and will probably crack the all-time ever in a couple of weeks. Of course, that blog doesn't get the attention this one does. I don't understand it, but


I want you guys to know that


I'm not kidding, I really do. We've got this warm fuzzy across time and space relationship that feels oh-so-right in an oh so twisted kind of way.

So now I have to torture you.

Blogger has decided to make the game more fun and won't tie the sfx into one search label, so the previous posts in date order are 1, 2, 3, and now this one is 4. If there are any more, the tag should at least tie back to this post. - OH, I also just discovered that after you click sfx, you can hit older posts to see the other 3, but they're in backward time order that way. Still convenient, though. Learn new stuff about Blogger all the time. - Ok, I don't even know what I did, this post is hogging the whole page now. I can't stop laughing. - Aaaaaand I just had to move the entire thing since the glitter graphics disturbed the Pinky force so badly. Joke's on me. - Oh, NOW the sfx link works great, good grief. #shakingfistatglittergraphics - I'm still facepalming, apparently my tags are so screwed now they won't pull together in bunches any more. I wanna beat my face on my keyboard. - Nevermind, fixed that, too. Seriously, this is my brain on ragweed season.

~hours later~ Now I've got this song stuck in my head.


  1. I'm lerking you. I think i'm real, perhaps not lol.. I respect your way of overcoming the daily life struggles. putting it out there for others. plus your love of various things

    1. U crack me up =D Thanx for all the support, ur solid and I really appreciate that.