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Monday, April 2, 2018

Everyone in Poe stories is crazy

I was so confused in this movie, but it all worked out fine. I think. Maybe. Anyway, another #latenightmovie with @LNMGang in the SyfyDesigns.com chatroom.

I couldn't believe how quickly this movie just went there.

If you don't get the broad hints in this movie, nothing at all makes sense until the end. Apparently none of us got the broad hints. You're actually seeing it right now.

The artwork in the credits didn't match anything, either.

We cannot definitively say that no foxes, horses, or dogs were harmed or suffered injuries or abuse in this movie. Humans were probably mishandled, as well.

I skipped a bunch, but if this chick did her own stunts and riding, she had amazing lower spine and pelvic constitution. That side saddle looked brutal.

And I loved her hat.

She was also really good with pain.

No one got my Rocky Horror reference. Oh, well.

Pretty sure everyone making this movie was on the snuff.

Little did we know...

Ah-ha! MysticLisa caught that, too.

You missed the bit where I was talking about Poe showing up for the goth kids on South Park, super fave.

So many bell quips missed being quipped. I supposed the bell scene had actual meaning in there somewhere, but it very much detracted and look, I don't even show the bell.

Kurt, lol. He'll overlook anything if you're hot. Not sure what his definition of hot is at this point.

Vincent was no Benedict Cumberbatch. Just saying.

I think Tammy longs for days of yore.

Caprica is getting a little spooky, like those weird Alexa youtubes people make.

I'm wildly curious now what the blue and purple candles might have meant.

Phil. ๐Ÿ˜

Lotta *snap* going on here.

I consciously held down the ol' trigger finger this weekend, lol. No spoilers! ๐Ÿ˜‹

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