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Friday, April 6, 2018

bits of good and bad advice

I am absolutely killing Pinky blog. 😆 It's been hilarious watching all that drop off. Au revoir.

I started a different kind of project, which will be explained later. In the meantime, I'm fine. 😊 Super busy, as always. Maybe I'll bullet point before I go.
  • Approved for physical therapy on left shoulder for impingement, which, if I'd known was taken so seriously, I'd have gotten on top of years ago. I've lived with crazy amounts of pain, this is hopefully the last big hurdle.
  • The difference between parm cheese and candy is mega amounts of salt. Don't parm yourself like it's candy. Heart got a little thumpy this week.
  • I can't believe how much TV we've managed to get caught up on again this last week, even came in late to a live tweet. Felt so goooood.
  • The back to back euphorias finally wore off and I'm sleeping through the nights again, yay! That was pretty wild.
  • Plan this month is stay on top of tree allergies. This is historically one of my really bad months, so I'm mostly hiding in my house. Might be pouring liquid zyrtec in my eyes. (Don't really do that, ok?)
  • I'm also craving spring veggies, so I'm all over salads this week. Can't seem to get enough radishes. Check it, they're full of vitamin C and other good stuffs. Radishes 
  • And now I'm going to bed. Sweet dreams.

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