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Sunday, April 15, 2018

That's what they get for using a landline

Last night @LNMGang tried out a new improved version of the SyfyDesigns chatroom watching Saturday the 14th. I'm not able to regulate the font size, and there are no click outs for these, so this is an experiment to see whether the new chat room works for screenshots. If I'll be able to see the chat yap on mobile, this will be a go.

Personally, this should have been a series. This is a veritable who's who, the dynamic was magic, the writers were actually both intelligent and funny, and we got nonstop nods to so many other movies and television shows from back then. Plus, the settings were delightfully cryptic. I mention later that I'd like to rewatch and freeze frame all the rooms in this house.

I really do think I've seen that door before.

Myke and Phil were talking cars, lol. 😂

Lisa was fashionably matchy.

Kurt's famous laptop got its own cameo in this movie. That's how old his laptop is!

I wouldn't mind a ghost doing the dishes. I'm not sure quite what was evil in this movie, but they sure talked about it a lot.

Eek, a new chat bot.

This is about the most obligatory bathtub scene ever, if you're into those.

Welp, can't say never police when you need them.

Lisa probably uses a time turner. 😁 Or she's an alien who can phase shift. Hard to tell.

I looked up Lisa's Twilight Zone reviews, and found out she was shadowbanned last year. I'm a Lisa fan, you can start with her gravatar to find all her blogs. If you're looking for a hobby and dig old movies, I just handed you a year's worth of fun reading.

Ah, yes, the ol' act straight maneuver. If you've never told anyone to act straight so you don't get caught, you never had any fun.

Cats. Btw, there's a tiny white kitten cameo near the end, not sure anyone else caught it.

That exterminator (Van Helsing) was played by Severn Darden. His bio and filmography on IMDb is worth checking out.

That Pink Panther memory is actually this cartoon (the Inspector was part of the series), and here is the Bugs Bunny version of bat changing if you prefer that.

Ok, crossover time. Mega Maid comes from Spaceballs (1987) and was first spoken by George Wyner playing Colonel Sandurz (click that one for movie quotes). He looks a bit like Jeffrey Tambor, so there was probably some memory trigger going on, but perfect for this movie. I should have given Phil points for that one.

These people definitely took the blue pill.

Here is the Pete Burns interview, in case you're a Dead or Alive music fan.

I can't tell you guys how many versions of Van Helsing I've actually seen because @bonenado is such a huge fan of that character. Lexx fans who follow me are excitedly jumping up and down yelling for me to mention Walpurgis Night, in which Peter Guinness played Joseph Van Helsing.

Billy had to learn to dumb down a bit so he could save the movie.

You know everything is ok when the dog comes back.

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