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Saturday, July 1, 2017

life in the Bunny lane

You'd laugh if you knew how many pix I had to take before I got a non-blurry one.
Holly caught me and Bunny making cookies live on speaker phone last night and said I need to video share that stuff. Bunny is a continual dialogue and everything happens in high speed, and I'm so used to it that I just go with whatever is happening. We had a big raisin fail, though. That kid used to inhale little boxes of raisins. She's grown up now. Raisins aren't cool and the cookies are ruined and the entire project was dismissed from her mind the second they went into the oven. Papa was like heh heh, more cookies for meeee...

We stayed up till midnight partying with all the top shows. My suffering through PJ Masks, Doc McStuffins, and Little Einsteins has grown exponentially with the back button now. Every time a scene makes her giggle (usually Stuffy, I agree he's a riot), she yells "Go back again!" and we see the same slap stick or funny word combo 10 times in a row, and she cracks up every single time. One of the biggies in Doc is when Stuffy is doing bubble beard in the ep where they first find out Grandma McStuffins has been visiting a special toy world all this time. Another one is when a ballerina doll is teaching the other toys ballet moves and chants "One, two, three, don't step on me." Sadly, I've gotten to know these shows as well as my current faves on Syfy, and reference PJ Masks in real life all the time now. Bunny wants to be Cat Boy, I wanna be Gecko, so that leaves Owlette for Papa. He didn't protest at all because Owlette is just that cool.

Bunny is pure Calvin and Hobbes. She switches tracks, drops everything (literally), and leaves puffs of dust in instant zooms a hundred times a day. She knows exactly who she is and what she wants, and she's open to razor sharp negotiations, so watch yourself or get scalped by her brilliance. My goal today is get my brain put in before she gets up and hopefully have my body ready for meemaw level competence. She is very sweet about me being unbendy and not able to zoom around the house and up and down the stairs like she does and solemnly promises me every time she gets on her scooter that she won't run over my toes (again). It's still up to me to move them as quickly as I can if I see her coming.

I think I'm more awake now. I think I'm ready to do this. Bacon is nearly done and she's not even up yet, so I might even get a peaceful breakfast. Sweet.

Won't be long till I get her started in moc singleplayer. I'm looking forward to that. She turns 4 in a few weeks, and already spelling a few things, plus we've named several of my pets on the server after her.

p.s. That turtle crapped like a duck and was evicted fairly quickly. If you've never been slimed while holding a duck, you have no idea.

I'm partial to Vork because he thinks like me, and Clara reminds me of some of the Snarkalecs and cracks me up. A deep dive into a binge rewatch of The Guild web series has pretty much gotten me through this last week.

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