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Friday, July 21, 2017

love today

Played around again, so now this blog is verified as my property through TrustedSite. If I forked out about $30 a month (dreaming), all my stuff could be verified all in one place like that. It's one thing to have separate social media verifications and authentications, but to be able to pull everything I've ever done online into the whole lump would be marvelous. Gravatar (WordPress) and Google+ use their own verification systems, but site verification is still easy to fake unless all your accounts share the same phone number and email address and you've got them all locked into 2-step security. It's not enough any more to be able to log in anywhere by connecting your Facebook account. Anyone can stake your claim behind your back saying they're you, but they can't hook onto your verified linked hub disguised as one of your user accounts once you've locked them down. Ten years ago that was a piece of cake and everyone was doing it. Anyone and their dog can use multiple free email addresses to create a hundred different accounts across medias, forums, blogs, and games. I steer very widely clear of that. I'm done scattering myself like debris across a minefield.

Right now I'm just tired. It's very hot out, and me and heat don't get along. I'm ahead of ragweed season because of the nettles family, so I'm already doing both zyrtec and benadryl round the clock just to keep from ripping my eyelids clear off. That's not why I'm tired, though. I'm one of those people who can get hyper on benadryl. We're also passing around some kind of weird bug that is making us all feel nauseated and wiped out, but not much else going on with symptoms. I was ready to go curl up in bed at 6 p.m. last night.

In the meantime, my punkin patch is up and running full force, over 2000 punkins strong and the growth rate so much better on the new vanilla server than the custom biomes world that is soon to be deleted because the lag got so bad. On the custom server I was able to harvest about 2000 punkins twice a day. Now I'm doing it twice a morning and again in the afternoon AND working on builds and my player shop in between. Ok, and that in between chores, I don't just sit there the whole time. You know me, always popping out of my chair to do something else.

Speaking of, almost back to normal after the baclofen withdrawal thing. I know, it's been what, about 3 weeks since I finally stepped off a 7 week taper? Geez. Anyway, I'm actually doing mild workouts again, and definitely back on the muscle stretches and nerve glosses. This morning is spa therapy. Took me 3 visits to adapt to that from physical therapy, very different, and actually way more rigorous even on low maintenance because it covers more ground in one visit. But I'm loving the entire spine thing laying on one side and then the other, that never happened in 5 years of physical therapy, and I think it's vitally been keeping me on my feet through all that baclofen crap. I seriously wonder if I had a systemic nervous system flare or something because that was incredibly debilitating, to the point of barely being able to walk for several weeks, and that's ON a pill that's supposed to make life easier. I'm way better again without it, just embracing the pain lifestyle again.

And that includes arms, I'm afraid, but I was noticing yesterday that even with the nagging nerve pain and dropsies, I was stronger doing stuff and not having to crash into recovery time. I actually got 2 watermelons into the house without losing my arms and hands the rest of the day, so something's working, and I think it's the spa therapy on my spine. I'm on every other week visits right now, so that's twice a month maintenance. I'm still puny running around town, so glad the local post office got a new auto door in that doesn't rely on faulty buttons any more. Those doors were hella heavy, and I know I don't look disabled, but you try being ejected from a car sometime and living with nerve fail in your arms. Getting through a door is nearly impossible sometimes, and the pain doing it is incredible. I don't cry until I get back into my car, but who can tell with my sunglasses on. I'm just thrilled I'm still able to walk into the post office and check my own box by myself, you know?

Wordy words this morning. It's time for me to get moving into the shower and then out the door.

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