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Friday, July 7, 2017

evil villains don't thrive on feeling good

for @bonenado
clicks to source, and the article is making me laugh after the week he's been through with mother, sisters, daughter, and wife

This is my 11th day sans baclofen. I spent 3 weeks breaking pills down to taper slowly, finally jumped off after 2 days of 1/8th of a pill. Still in withdrawal. My moods are horrible, my nerve pain sucks in ways that are so much worse than before I ever started, and I was on the smallest dose only once a day for less than a month before I started tapering. This is about the nastiest med I've ever been on, heavenly and super addictive, screws diabetes all to hell, rebounds like a super ball on a trampoline, and the mood swings, omg.

I've had difficulty walking ever since I jumped off. I'm finding that happens to other people, too. Yes, you heard me, literally having difficulty using my legs and feet. I don't know how this med isn't outlawed. Anyone making a big deal about opiate or benzo abuse gets a hardy laugh out of me after this one.

This has been fantastic for context, though. Next time I think I'm miserable with nerve pain, I'm going to remember this withdrawal, pull my big girl panties clear up to my chin, and suck it up. I can't even begin to describe what charlie horses between every facet of my whole spine is like. Every joint in my body hurts like I got smashed around in an accident. My neck feels like I've been whiplashed. Whatever sciatica hell I'm in reminds me of the year in college I could barely walk, and I'm wondering if that must've been a med withdrawal, too, and I just never knew it. It's really stupid when a med withdrawal is worse than the condition that is crippling you.

At any rate, most of my crabbing has been spread out so at least I didn't hit you guys every day on Pinky blog. This is my obligatory crab post here since it's been so long since I posted last.

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