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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

let's go down

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Power point? Yeah, bcuz stuff.

💦 Ever since I read where a vigorous antibiotic resistant strain of a superbug was found growing in hospital sinks, I've felt very suspicious of my own sinks until I got this bright idea to squirt toilet cleaner down the drains, because that stuff coats and clings and will sit there for ages torturing whatever slime is down there, right? Well, DON'T DO THAT. Not that anything terrible happened, but I felt a twinge later and read instructions and looked up warnings and yeah, don't do that. Especially if you have a chrome sink like me. I love my chrome. It looks like I got something icky on it now around the drain.

🍩 I've taken to hiding my chocolate chips in one of my sock drawers. (Yes, I have 3 drawers for sox.) (Now you wish I'd go take pix.) I'm the one allergic to nuts and peanuts, so I'm very picky about chocolate because 1- if it's candy manufactured in a plant that also manufactures or uses nuts and/or peanuts I'm screwed and 2- if the chocolate ingredient in my food come from a facility that processes cocao beans into chocolate AND also processes nuts (very common) I'm screwed. I have been able to handle Hershey's milk chocolate chips just fine even though I've had reactions in past to Hiland chocolate milk and other chocolate foods, so my chocolate chips are like gold in this house. I live with 3 other people. When someone has a half eaten chocolate bar for impromptu microwave s'mores sitting on the counter for days and casually digs into my bag of chocolate chips while we're talking, it's time to hide the bag. Depending on the store I get them from, I can pay up to and over $3 a bag for those, and I ration them because I'm diabetic. One bag lasts me about a week. So I went to get them out of my sock drawer last night while Bunny was in the tub, and apparently my bedroom is warm enough to melt chocolate. The dresser is up against an outer wall and it's been very hot out, so I guess that's not the greatest place to keep them. I'm not sure where to hide them next. I live in one of those kinds of floor plan homes where there are no hallways and that keeps our heating and cooling bills down, but there's also no privacy at all. My main bedroom opens right onto where the livingroom and kitchen join, so it's very inviting. Parts of it are still inaccessible to Bunny, like way high in my closet, but there really is no place to hide stuff from each other since we're all over 5 feet tall. And I can't be too clever, we've all accidentally taken turns throwing stuff we've hidden away without digging through an old box or sack first, and @bonenado loses stuff all the time and Bunny's mama is always looking everywhere for her keys and phone, so I'm pretty sure chocolate chips would turn up really quickly no matter where I put them. I have bendy restrictions, as well, so I can't just put them way back on a shelf behind a bunch of pans, where they'd be discovered anyway if someone wanted a particular pan. You get the drift.

✅ I think I'm losing the point part of a power point.

📱 I dreamed last night my sibs and I all went with my mom to a big place, and we had all thrown our phones into her purse and I forgot to grab mine before we split up at our destination. I went all the way back to the big building that purse was in, dug around the phones, and grabbed one apparently very similar to mine and ran back to where I was for something really important about to start. Got there and had to wait for a few minutes, so I turned on the phone and discovered it wasn't mine. It took awhile to figure out it was my brother's phone, and I was super surprised it was built like a Johnny Depp fan phone, with a Lily app and many other cool and confusing things. Texting kept turning out half in French, so I gave up and used the screen to write with my finger, which was a bit better but still kept screwing up, and I woke up right after I hit send. That is probably the first phone dream I've had where I was able to use the keypad halfway decently and actually got a message off to someone. Anyway, I'm guessing Johnny Depp stepped in because I was thinking yesterday about my brother's Johnny B Good song aaaaand we lost internet, just like that. Live blogging. Yep, just as I was about to link it, so maybe it's a sign and I won't link it. Sorry. Actually, we lose internet constantly around here and keeping our fingers crossed our carrier goes fiber optic really soon. Living near a state forest is kinda like living 3rd world sometimes, anything radio signal is very blinky and the only way we could get local TV for awhile was through satellite, amusingly. My dad still lives in the stone age, but I'm pretty sure I'd lose the rest of my mind if I couldn't get onto a minecraft server. Speaking of, here's my latest bird flip at the economy. I spent months building up an emerald hoard stash via raking up money pumpkin farming. It's silly but it makes other players moan about being poor and they get even whinier about how hard it is having to work, so I get a few chuckles. Being a power player is fun, and believe me, I'm really mediocre compared to a few others. Anyway, here's the priestly whatever that building is (oh, it's a church) paying homage to the almighty emerald.

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👕 Welp, may as well go get ready to go while internet is down. Bunny has dental surgery today because that's how they do really young kids now and it's called surgery because they use anesthesia. Beats the trauma of sitting on a kid and forcing them to comply with big scary sometimes painy stuff.

🎈 Sweet, came back and internet is back up. I'm what, 15 days off the baclofen now. I felt it change a couple days ago, like my nervous system snapped back and *boom* lost 2 pounds overnight, probably fluid retention. Food cravings stopped, crap mood swings flattened out, and now all that's left is the pain part but at least I'm not morphing into a slavering werewolf ripping heads off. Likewise, stuff kinda winding down around here after the big funeral, and although there's plenty more on our plates, I think I'm close to seeing my own lawyer about what happens when I make money later on SSI, omg please let that be a thing... Go big or go home. I can't bear the thought of letting all this go and sinking back into the depression with nothing to hang onto.

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