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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

when fail = leveling up

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There is nothing harder on a back than a soft bed. *shaking head* I've gotta stop reading the writing tips on facebook and twitter that mock language use and throw puns around like confetti. Too many one-liners popping into my head this morning. They used to call that writing jingles.

So there's this power clan on the server I hang on that thinks they're all that in a sort of Luna Girl kind of way, which is really funny if you know everything I'm talking about because they're purportedly in military training irl and totes miss that their brilliance is under appreciated on a family friendly server. Big fish in a little pond, as it were. If you don't know Luna Girl, I'm kinda digging PJ Masks because everything they all do is constant fail in the most exaggerated way but it's all super cool because they're just kids, right. I mean, who wouldn't want an unbreakable glowing rock the size of a building containing the ultimate strength medallion inside? Plus other questions, like where do *I* get a Geckomobile, how does anyone in the town even sleep with all that racket going on, and how in the world does Luna (one of the villains) have cooler toys than our heroes but ultimately fails harder than they do? The Night Ninja cracks me up, too, with all his little Ninjalinos. The entire thing was apparently written and animated for super ADHD kids, because Bunny loves it, that series is so her.

I've been thinking about turning my minecraft blog into more of a gossip column kind of site, and I think that's the kind of angle it would take. I'd need to tp around a little more and get screenies of other stuff than my own, and I'm not sure either I or my internet is presently up to it, so not right now. Later, perhaps.

So I'm running into this thing again. FAIL BETTER. That's a thing. It's been around awhile, and now it's got #bencongruity.

Oh, live reporting from twitter.

Question- if  #netneutrality is overcome, will my blog be affected? lol, yes, that's the extent of my interest in the entire frenzy going on. 😆 But think about it- Will Google search become even more strangled? What people don't realize is that 'search' is already changing from ten years ago. You can no longer find all the relevant listings because 1- search engines sift them down for you so it won't be redundant with similar things, 2- the highest ranked are the most hit, which means the best and most important get buried unless you get very specific in your search queries, and 3- search is NOT a catalog system of everything out there any more, it's an algorithm that fetches high traffic content and channels you toward it. Cached items disappear after so long, just like old microfiche medical files. So if you think about it, freedom of info is already being turned into what #netneutrality is afraid will happen. People just aren't paying attention. I have been given opportunities to 'go pro' on Google analytics, which would boost Pinky blog way higher up in searches, but I neither have the money nor care to blow it like that. However, there are many out there already doing this. What #netneutrality is actually fighting is everyone having to pay standard fees to get basic and premium channels, like satellite. You pretty much already do that and you just aren't aware that's what it is. I already pay Microsoft for tech equipment, software bundling, access integration and sync, and accounts. I pay another browser for a list of perks that some people would think is outrageously expensive. I pay a particular blog host to keep me ad free on some blogs. I once added it up, I pay around $1000 a year in fees just to maintain my personal playground on the webs, and a lot more than that in equipment maintenance and addons.

My futuristic dream world is about everyone automatically getting internet and it's all part of a coordinated package already integrated into everything we do. Hey, it's all there in the Jetsons, right? This was all shown to us way back in the 1960s, guys. I have always wanted this. So we go through a few growing pains getting there. When has humanity not angsted over every little bitty change that has swept the globe? Doomsday is around every corner. They're all out to get us. We must fight for our right to party, as it were. Whatever.

I know, everyone thinks I'm a traitor to whatever cause I was born into (a multiplicity of layers that include nationality, cultural region bias, skin color, family religion, local politics, genetic flaws, need I go on), and I freely restate I'm in line for the brain chip. I'm camped out like Vork for principles that make no sense.

Btw, I called a luv struck monkey Zaboo on discord yesterday and no one had a clue. Heathens.

So far I've lost internet only once this morning, a very nice change from yesterday's every 2-3 minutes thing. Maybe I'll get out of bed (yes, my laptop is in bed with me, I'm getting super lazier in the whole pj's to work department) and get some breakfast in me and make a list or something. I haven't made a real list in weeks.

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