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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

see what I did there

Everything I'm doing in public online is normalizing mental health stigmas.

If you are an avid reader of Pinky blog and possibly even super lurkers continuing from previous blogs, you probably already get this.

If you are new to Pinky blog and it kinda looks all over the map and wtf, I am openly sharing what the inside of my head is like. This includes things that most people would never dream of sharing because they fear ridicule, haters mocking them, and judgment from loved ones and friends.

I'm not just writing words about it.

I'm not just posting memes and youtubes and resharing other people's words.

I'm not just compiling analysis and assessments and pov and judgments based on a personal agenda, i.e. asplaining to 'normals' what it's like being whatever dx they're curious about.

I am a complicated mashup of several dxs that include physical and mental disorders. Basically, I'm an autie spoonie depression blogger with some atypical quirks for autie spoonie depression bloggers. I grew up with questionably mentally stable parents (I'm putting this kindly, I hope), with religious culture clash, with social culture clash because of where I lived, with added traumas from my childhood lifestyle and a friend being murdered in college, with multiple injuries from a nasty car accident, with a first marriage to a very mentally ill pedophile, and with loads and loads of other things that are part of my life because family and friends have their own stuff, too.

The reason I'm sharing this way is because I realized a few years ago that simply writing out all the words that I think is explaining things actually epic fails to successfully reach the general public at large. Simply talking about autism barely even touches all that, and I'm pretty sure that is where we're all missing the boat conveying autism experience to the general public. I use my autism as a survival mechanism, and it seems to be working very well, although, yes, I have outstanding fails in my personal history.

I'm watching auties all over the world doing that now, writing millions and billions of words explaining.

I think we've said it. It's all out there now.

Now it's time to sift your personal stuff down to demonstrating. Show the world what is really in your heads. Don't just explain it. Don't stifle it all into "I'm autistic". Turn it into "I'm human."

I've said this many times. We all have something. Some of us live with multiple somethings. No one escapes this. Every single one of us on this planet is hiding a stigma of some kind, is living with something hard that goes against mainstream grain, is dealing with life and death and allthethings, and is going to die. Other people blaming conditions as being problematic things to solve is our mission- Change the world so that stops. Change that pov into loving acceptance. None of us actually asked to be here, none of us controls what we are born into, and I'm pretty sure the whole point of that is for us to make it to our final deathbed leveled up into wise wizard changing the world with miracles of attitude.

We are here to do something, be someone.

Don't dream it. Be it.

That came from a wise crazy person in a TV movie (I've never seen the play) and was originally ripped from a magazine. trivia

Now, go blog like someone's life depends on it. Lotta really sad and anxious people out there looking for ways to stay here and not opt out of life. We are the light shining in the dark for each other in a great big web world connecting all our brains now. We can do this.