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Monday, June 5, 2017

For ppl who NEVER check my blog

Obvs need 2 touch base and today is tough enough to actually think about putting a couple minutes on youtube instead of posting bcuz no internet & doing this on my phone sux.

Yes, for everyone who've been asking for months, I *could* get messenger or use skype or hangouts or twitter, but like I've said a number of times- I suck as a friend. Put that in search along with my name and see where it takes you.

There is nothing I'd love more today than to medicate myself into oblivion, but that's been backfiring lately, so I'm in a sort of prioritized stand down. I know some of you don't get it because I managed to keep tweeting through years of major suckage and I'm just not doing that this year, am I? And we are reaching the point where blogger edit is fighting with my phone, so see ya later.