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Thursday, June 8, 2017

poster child

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Sorry about yesterday, was running around town and wanted to check something.

Big A++ on my 6 month followup with my sleep doctor. I'm very difficult with med compliance, but it sounds like I'm one of the most CPAP compliant people they've ever seen. Srsly, 2 decades on 6 or less hours of sleep on 90% of nights, and for a number of those years it was 2-4. I was the poster child for 'sleep deprivation won't actually kill you'. I have a will of steel and a healthy fear of dying in my sleep. Y'all fussing about you'd rather die than live with CPAP, your choice, and see you in the next life. I'm busy and I've got things to do.

My summer syllabus is working beautifully so far. I might share it sometime. It's a maintenance aka back on track schedule that commands a rhythm of regular down time, and my fasting glucose this morning is already down to 94. Right? It was 110 ten days ago. Doing this without diabetes meds, guys. Controlling internal environment, balancing incoming chemicals (pain control), I can do this. It's getting more and more obvious that pain referral, while being a tricky bastard, can be tricked itself. Psychoneuroimmunology. You can learn to spell it just as I did. You can also check it out. If you want more in-depth, here is wikipedia.

Thanks to rain gods, fertility goddesses, wood nymphs, and field fairies, the pixie dust around here is obnoxiously high and even worse when it's being thrown about during mowing. Our tiny grasslands nestled all through Mirkwood are as lush as I've ever seen them. Still cranking around the clock on zyrtec and benadryl, and still at least 6 weeks away from ragweed season. This year promises to be a real booger. Get it? Nvrmnd.

Yeah, I dunno wassup with my brain this morning. It seems a bit jolly. Maybe it's the blood sugar coming down. Hope this means my crabby spell is about over.