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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chuis Bo Sharknado

Sometimes having a really good writing day means I'm severely neglecting my real life, and I need to input self maintenance commands through my eyeballs before they will route to the other side of my brain.

Go put some clothes on.

Ok, I'm dressed. I even made the bed while I was in there. Now what?

Open the box the new Shark Pro is in and check it out.

Oh, yeah, cool. I asked @bonenado to get that for me for Valentine's Day. I washed rugs last week and haven't put them back down yet. Are we doing floors today?

Dang betcha.

Yippee!!! I love clean floors! Back in the old days I did floors three times a week.

Get up. Open the box.

Oh, yeah. Hang on.

Maybe I should've asked for a phillips screwdriver for Valentine's Day. Except I know it would disappear again.... Nevermind, found a MacGyver car kit tool only a couple feet from my kitchen. I've gotta think of better places to hide these things. I think Scott married me because I'm always ready to screw around. Get it? Screw around.

Shut up. How far have you gotten?

Assembled! *salute*

I like assembling things. What now?

The floors need to be swept again before you steam clean them.

Can I eat lunch first?

Oh, all right. But come back when you're done eating, don't just watch TV and then take a nap. What's for lunch, anyway?

I'm thinking tuna. I like mixing it with Annie's Cowgirl Ranch


>=l Don't interrupt. I do that because I can't find mayo without lemon or 'natural flavors' (which is most likely lemon), and it's suprisingly good, especially if I eat it on tortilla chips. You know, because wheat-free.

Yes, yes, hurry up, we have floors to do.

*running off*

Ok, I'm back.

What did you watch?

12 Monkeys, the movie. I think the James Cole character is more realistic in the movie than in the series. I like the movie for not trying to change the past, assuming the past is locked into place, but I like the series for experimenting with trying not to change the plasticity of timelines but still trying to change the outcome.

Don't turn this into a review.

Sorry. What's next?

Get the floor ready. Get it picked up and swept so you can try out the new Shark Pro.

Yay! *running off*

Ok, floor's all cleared out and swept, I'm going back to the movie.

Wait, what?

You know I can't sit there that long. I paused at the kidnapping scene. And I'm tired again, I'm going to put my feet up for a few minutes. Been a long couple of weeks. I'll be back, I promise.

I'll believe it when I see it. Don't forget your tea steeping in the microwave.

Oh, yeah.

You know, if I ever made a movie I'd be sure there would be no glaring inconsistencies, like establishing time traveling naked being a thing but clothes still disappearing with the body later.

Are you back for good this time? We doing this?

Yeah, I think I'm ready now.

Good. Look through the manual and make sure you know what you're doing.



I just want to mention that for all the awesomely well thought out packaging and ease of use device inventing, I was underwhelmed by how nonintuitive and challenging filling that little tank was, particularly for a person like me. Just putting it out there.

Are you done complaining? Plug it in and go to town.

That. Was. Awesome.

Good. I noticed you enjoyed it. Go rest again now.

Thank you, I shall. Cool hanging out.

Likewise. #bumpit

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