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Friday, February 20, 2015

that's a twofer!

It's the little things that keep me gripping the ledge like a crazed ninja who slipped on a banana peel.

I might be back to normal, aka up at 2 a.m. doing housework because PAIN. As long as I'm not throwing things or doing something drastic like staining the house, I'm sure I'll be ok. Laundry is sufficient for now. Ok, I'm lying. I made myself stop and work on the laptop because I couldn't stop cleaning.

In case anyone thinks I'm bluffing about WORK, I allowed myself to obsess over an inventory yesterday, and I'm guesstimating that I'm about a quarter of the way done on final revision at 24,000+ words so far. One of my goals is to make this project available on my own work blog with a password, besides actually publishing, so I'm double formatting everything, blah blah. My biggest hang up has been approach- anyone out there who runs into me in print knows I easily blather on forever and never shut up, so everything I do on an actual project feels like summarizing to me. Which is fine, summarizing is fun, it's like a word game. And on stupid days where I don't feel like I'm getting anything I really want to work on done, I obsess over proofreading and tweaking, note jotting and wandering around hunting down spiral number 23 and whatnot, and if I'm not doing that I'm probably looking up proper/acceptable word and phrase usage. You'd be surprised what a person can get away with, and I'm thinking once I myself am satisfied with this project, I may as well skip having the publisher proof it because I'm so OCD that any mistake that slips through will laughably cause me severe anguish to my dying day, and that might be fun to chuckle about as I grow older. Remember the time I, yeah yeah, we've all heard about your stupid typo, shut up and give me the remote.

I need to get some focus before I spring back out into the jungle and start cleaning out drawers or something. I'm in this crazy mood to start pitching stuff, which I know would freak Scott out pretty badly, so it's time for distraction and a plan- make a list, decide on today's menu, schedule out execution, and then pace myself. No desperate frenzies today. I think I made my pain level remarkably worse yesterday trying too hard, MY BAD.

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