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Sunday, February 8, 2015

blogging saves lives


To tear myself away from convos elsewhere (like facebook) that could quickly freak-avalanche into a disaster of opinion and emotion.

To focus back on my own stuff instead of other people's stuff.

To retain as much of my own identity online as possible as the world mashes itself all up in the media grinder.

It also helps me keep my writing skillz honed.

And metaphorically, bloggers are like the Sun City version of the internet- we know how to group up, hang out, and check in, driving our blogs around the neighborhood like little golf carts. We can wave hi on the go without ever having to stop in one place for too long.

I just don't want to get into it with someone I don't know about whether another person I don't particularly know getting cotton stuck in their ear is clinic-worthy. I quickly ran away and distracted myself with my blog before I could morph into a medical thesaurus with a debate gene. I saved lives by leaving. Here, look at this kitty.

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