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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Let The SuperBowl Partying Begin!

Me to @bonenado through the morning.

"See, it's a matter of how you hold the book." Musical potty chair says "Yay!"

"You have to snore or you're not doing it right." Betending to take naps.

"Did you see my clever diversion into a new activity?" Watching Gramma make brownies and getting a cool new egg carton.

"Smooth move, ex-lax, gotta work on those secretly-handing-off skillz." Rescuing my $30 mouse and then accidentally throwing it back into all the wrong play. (She's already reprogrammed both our phones, long distance mouse clicking is akin to a terrorist threat.)

Every bit of this is worth all the falling over laughing that we do.

Miss Busy is working on cracking all the codes in the house. Her mama was five when I taught her how to turn the dials on the washer. Have a feeling this one will be doing our taxes by then.

By the way, this SpongeBob episode is an excellent pairing with yogurt and fruit bar dipper.

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