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Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine Scurvy

Valentine's Day is a little different around here.

My mind is usually somewhere in this range.

Valentine's Day used to be my only outlet for the weird incongruent secret obsession I had with the color pink, and I was fine with it being all about Scott scarfing Valentine junk while his eyes were glued to the TV so my brain could bubble along in a parallel universe.

He told me once that I'm ruined, and I agreed that I don't have a romantic bone in my body. At all. That was before we found out I'm aspie. Sometimes I feel a little sad that I'm figuring all this stuff out way too late, but I'm grateful I am getting the chance to in real life, you know? So many people never do, despite it being shoved in our faces via retail and broadcasting. Thanks to a few new shows popping up, I'm understanding a little more why this is a big deal to people. Scott is my Paige.

Now back to my weird incongruent obsessing. If it doesn't involve chocolate, sweet pink fluff, or construction paper and glue, don't bug me with Valentine schmooze. I take my celebrating very seriously.

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