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Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine Bunny

A million things pop into my head when I see stuff like this, both pro and con, but foremost is my brain doing a Homer Simpson-esque screech to a halt and drool thing.

Even if I could do wheat, this would definitely put me into a hospital if I ate it and my glucose spiked up to a thousand.

But let's talk ~FUN~, shall we?

We have agreed to keep a kiddo overnight on Valentine's Day in exchange for two 30 minute massages (mama is a certified massage therapist). So I'm going to be pinking things up and having a gurl party, yay!

I bet grampa wouldn't mind having pink cheesecake or something.

I think we've outgrown the burrito moniker, so I've been tossing around other nicks- elfnado, peachnado, pinknado, but none of them really stick in my mind. Would Bunny be dumb?

I used to tell her mama that all her bunnies were bouncing out of the box (super ADHD) (we don't believe in medicating, although we have tried it, takes a lot of patience and energy), and this one is definitely a busy bunny. Gotta catch that bunny, she's zooming off with one of our phones again... Seriously, she has reprogrammed our phones, took @bonenado several days to figure out how to switch stuff back the way he likes his settings. Caught her about to reprogram the Vizio one day, that could have gotten very interesting. She's the fastest bunny I've ever seen, those little thumbs get going like a blur and never stop while she's running away and sneaking peeks to see if we're following her.

Let's just hope she doesn't grow up to be an evil bunny.

Yeah, you know I can't help this. Her mama was my little Xev (bottom of this post), and this one is my Bunny.

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