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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

sheep toast

I may have left out a preposition somewhere.
And, as always, what goes on Pinky blog, stays on Pinky blog. Here, have a weird video trail from the last few days. If you trigger easily bcuz you're a sleeper cell, maybe close this now so you don't go postal, ok? I know, not a cool joke, but you know I know you know I know that's real and how it all works.

We start off with a flashback to another similar incident a couple years ago and no one freaking out on the medias even remembered it.

In case you are going wut similar incident, then you must've missed this biggie just before Christmas.
SpaceX's Jaw-Dropping Rocket Launch Wows Spectators Across Southern California

I love this Christmas song Lisa Marie Bowman shared.

Someone tried flirting with me on twitter, so naturally they got this and a shhhh, I don't DM.

Some of you saw this go onto facebook and twitter. Dangeresque is awesome, and now he's 3D!

This song weirdly popped into my head out of the blue on Christmas Day. I first heard a friend play it years ago during a road trip to check out a college.

And then it went all cryptic. Make of it what you will.

After that it was like going down a triggered rabbit hole. Btw, this is why there will never be gun control in the U.S.

And I didn't want to keep going down that hole, so I veered sharply back out and into another one. I dunno, coulda been the same one. Hard to tell when everything goes Alice.

Merry Christmas.

This got shared around facebook. My comment on Jason Hawes' share was it sounded like a cow in birthing agony. Like, in case some of you were thinking I actually laid in my bed just hanging out in youtube the entire time, no, my life is rife with constant interruption.

But the second I got another brief respite, there I went again.

After that I diverted to my Space Cowboy list for a bit. Again, make if it what you will.

I grew up Germanesque. You know, that experimental breeding program no one still knows about. Lotta Mennonites breaking away from their parents into the world now, as I've demo'd in past blog posts. *cough*MattGroeningJohnDenver*cough* Robot Santa in Futurama, guys. Inspiration just exploding onto the world... They aren't the only ones, but I digress.

Sharp diversion into another playlist. My head was a mess Christmas Day. All kinds of stuff slamming into place now. Things I progressed through almost subconsciously over the last 5 years fitting together like tracks across the continent of my thoughts.

And then there I went, straight back to the old standby that crosses all genres, all countries. I felt like I just hanging on to the roller coaster, both in real life and in my head. (I seem to be fine today, thank goodness.)

So I slung myself back out again.

But not for long.

Seriously. And stay out of youtube, lol. I've mentioned the mass brain training a number of times across various medias for years. Y'all are sheep toast.

So I diverted again.

And the morning and the evening were Christmas, and the pagan overlords said, "It is good." Fourth quarter profits hopefully zoomed up to the stars.

That was mostly in between all kinds of chaos and determined efforts to get a lot of stuff done on a minecraft server. You wouldn't believe how much glass I've smelted this week. But Christmas itself was pretty good, and maybe I'll share a few pics another time.