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Monday, March 27, 2017


Bunny's new rain boops
This is from the
Marco Polo walkie talkie app
Not sure yet if we'll keep it, but I'm having fun.
One of those mornings where I warm up a couple of leftover sausage patties and completely forget about them for a couple of hours, then when I look around for something to eat I 'remember' that I had the sausage patties, but since I still feel a bit peckish, I start to make my whey protein powder hot chocolate and discover the sausages are still in the microwave...

Progress is going slow in physical therapy, so we're adding on two more weeks. I super fibro flared myself last week trying to beat incoming big boom lightning and sheet rain with several double load grocery trips from the car. I did beat the downpour in the nick of time, but I've been paying ever since. My neck finally calmed back down over the weekend, but this morning is a cute wrestling match with a charley horse wrapping around my rib cage under a shoulder blade, so I'm moving around a lot, trying not to hurt myself even more contorting like a pretzel to get that to relax back out. I triggered all this last Tuesday. Fibro spoonies reading this are nodding. Back to the ol' drawing board on self-sabotage and dropping the whole superhuman thing. This amount of pain level and duration is NOT worth saving a frozen pizza over. It would have been much smarter to throw the freezer/fridge stuff into one or two sacks and just leave the rest out there for Scott to bring in. That's the stupid thing about fibro, you reach a good place and it takes so little to set it all off again.

Scott and I were driving around the other day and I got this video. We've been watching this big new house go up. It's a 6 minute vid, apologies, but this is in Springfield in an area near MSU. We had driven by and I asked Scott to double back so I could vid it.

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