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Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Apologies, I'm getting questions. Yes, my household has type B flu, but we caught it very quickly, thanks to Bunny. Poor kiddo is getting hit the hardest, but so far so good, past the worst and now just stuck with that lingering mucousy cough. The rest of us had flu shots last fall (kiddo had croup and strep and other things and kept missing getting the shot), and coupled with the tamiflu prescribed for the entire household after Bunny tested positive, we've been skating through it mostly just wiped out with cold symptoms and maybe a bit crabbier than usual. Oh, and our brains fell out. We got stupid. That part was kind of weird.

I never did develop fever or cough, and the worst of mine was like a light cold with earaches and sinus. The others got hit a little harder with really sore throats and super wiped out. I've never taken tamiflu before, and I kept hearing that the shot was ineffective, but I'm doing very well with that double protection. I'm usually the one who goes down the hardest and longest with anything because immunocompromised for years, so I'm especially enjoying being the least hit. I know a number of other people being hit really hard with influenza this winter, and I feel for you guys.

No vid trail, sorry. I'm on triple duty since I'm in the best shape. You can have this, though. If you don't have a clue, maybe surf the alliance vs the cabal, and this is actually old stuff, it's all over the place like here. I don't care who thinks what is crazy or wrong or stupid, the important thing is to WAKE UP. If the political world is taking this seriously, then maybe we should, too. #kindnessislogical

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