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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Finally hiding in my room

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I have really been missing Pinky blog.

Let's see if I can bullet point.

  • We all lived through the tamiflu. I'm finding it difficult to believe studies showed only 10-17% nausea in clinical trials. We all went down like a bad carnival ride on way too much cotton candy.
  • My endocrinologist laughed when my TSH score was identical to last year, which is a good thing. Guess he doesn't see that very often.
  • My neurologist was very encouraging about a very discouraging future. Four doctors in my past in particular could learn a lot from him.
  • Overall, this year compared to this time last year is markedly improved on several levels, including depression cycles, pain levels, mobility issues, and world conquering, thank you CPAP, gallbladder removal, sticking to fascia shredding massage and chiropractor after physical therapy was over, and a very demanding Bunny challenge akin to a reality show competition series.
I could have kept going, but I'm still spacey and need an aspienado hard shutdown so bad that I'm only functioning on base level right now. I'm still good in a pinch, like emergency/crisis management, but it would all be auto reflex if anything were to really happen. Here you go, have fun with this, especially if you're an X-Files fan. I was one of the very first very few people bringing up The Lone Gunmen abruptly disappearing after that. (:edit: This was my aol group address at the time, aol groups are now gone. http://groups.aol.com/yablostimewarp2)

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