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Thursday, February 8, 2018

lil' Benny C

My house reached a serene state today. Even the hamster voluntarily came forth when I appeared with a baby leaf of romaine, and there was joy across the land.

All flu germ evidence is being dealt with post haste. Trash, towels, sheets, dishes. All.

I suspect it's the weird mix of being low key affected by flu B and the tamiflu, but last night I dreamed the Brady Bunch was a real life reality show family, and that season one Mrs. Brady had been a different person, and season two Mrs. Brady was in real life AND ON THE SHOW having an affair with Greg Brady, and the whole family knew about it. Alice didn't even give a crap, and Mr. Brady was kinda getting into Cindy, and I think that's about where my brain went ohHELLno and woke me up.

Oddly, not one spec of it had anything to do with minecraft. My dreams usually go all minecraft on me. I've barely been playing over the last week compared to my usual. I did, however, get Bunny to take medicine by promising to let her play all by herself on a singleplayer, and she went to town spawning parrots and donkeys and going all pyro with a flame bow. She plowed down and fell out of the world once, but she did pretty good trying to place blocks for a little house. She's only 4. The first five minutes would be excellent, one hand on arrows, spacebar (up), and shift (down), and the other hand toggling pointer and middle finger clicking and the hotbar wheel. I know, right? But she hit the wall pretty consistently after five minutes and after that would be tired of it and going back to Paw Patrol, thank goodness.

I barely got any down time for nearly a week straight. Last couple of days were literally 12 hour stay on alert days after a very long weekend of all of us being miserable losing sleep. I'm going to coast out on this song while some of you stay glued. You're probably feeling rotten, too. Hope you feel better soon. 💕

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