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Saturday, February 10, 2018

way past Orwell, and far more sinister

I went to bed early last couple nights because, even with the tamiflu, I can feel a minority of tiny bad guys working against me. Nothing terrible, just wiped out, and 3 more days to go on this stuff. Anyway, I wound up with a cool vid trail.

This really needs to break through the news barrier. This is as bad as Hitler, guys. I remember when the Berlin wall came down. This very short piece is from a documentary.

This is a collection of very real science news going on about very real cloning. This is only what we see in the actual news, but the 200+ cloned fetus dump was really eye opening.

Other countries are taking this extremely seriously. Why are WE not?

This is long and it's not scripted, so it kind of meanders a little, but it is a composite of very real things going on that a lot of people are looking into. This is an older vid, but we're clearly past 'conspiracy' now, if one pays any attention at all. The human rights issue is at stake, and how the balance tips on the scale is already happening. The psychological war for world dominance is very real, and if you haven't caught on by now that entertainment is the vehicle and that your chains being yanked on medias to stay upset (and thereby more easily pushed into directions of thought and chain reaction), then you need to wake up.

And if all that wore you out and you're just wanting some entertainment, here you go. You're welcome.

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