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Monday, April 10, 2017

it's all fake

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The month of April is brought to us by the word "
disingenuous" and the number 3.

@bonenado and I have had ample opportunity to compare notes and revisit our own old memories while we watch the world fall down. We remember our own struggles with trying to understand how we fit with others who turned out to have used us as covers, as refuge, as shields, as defense mechanisms, as displacing bins, as emotional slaves.

Emotional vampires abound. They are selfish and treat others according to whim of the hour and whatever trubbas they've gotten themselves into, don't know how to extricate from, and won't be honest about dragging other people into. Once dragged in, the innocents become unwitting dysfunctional feedback loops in a neverending drama that either must eventually explode or turn them into zombies who keep secrets and even help defend gunk they're all trapped in.

There is no defending someone using another person to step on, especially under a guise of sympathy and helpfulness. When it all flips over into creating 3rd class citizens expected to take whatever crap and still keep acting normal, someone needs to figure out their shit and get out of my family's way.

Scott and I are extremely patient people. We allow our kids to make all the mistakes and figure things out themselves. We do this in an edge of the precipice horror kind of stance, of course, trying not to pull all our hair out. Pretty sure most of my mom's aging was my fault. But I just wanna say watching a guy almost as old as my youngest sibling pull this crap on our daughter for years, getting her so wrapped around him that she left all her friends and life behind, and the way he left her homeless through her pregnancy, used her place as a hideout after she had a kid, let her believe the whole family thing when an ex finally moved out, and then started the name calling and accusing and blaming and... It was all I could do not to go ask him How old are you? Because he sure wasn't acting like a 40 year old with a brain. Lotta psychological damage from our point of view, and I won't hesitate to splash more out if this gets outa hand again. Really tired of people f*ing each other up.

I'm just putting this out there, not going to link it or anything. Well, it'll go to G+ because it's automatic.

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