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Thursday, April 6, 2017

give me the thing that I love

I'm one of those who quietly shakes my head when other people feel a surge of exuberance and blurt things like "I'm in the mood to build something, somebody give me a suggestion for what to build next!" (minecraft), "I feel like writing, someone give me a writing prompt!" (blogs), "I'm in the mood to bake, someone tell me what I should cook!" (foodies), "Let's go shopping! Give me ideas what to look for." (burning pockets), "I'm in the mood to make a garden, what kind of flowers should I buy?" (gardeners), you get the picture. Across all the hobbies, I see people asking for ideas for their next deck or flea market project, their next detailing venture, their next quilt or crochet, even their next pet and sometimes even their next child.

Pinky doesn't ask other people what Pinky should do next. Neither do the rest of us. Bluejacky says "I am the cat who walks by himself, and all other places are alike to me." (Kipling) We all know she's bluffing and that's really a coping strategy, but not a very good one because it's emotionally sterile. However, it's the opposite of emotionally codependent and dysfunctional, so that worked well for awhile.

Anyways, I've been wondering off and on about starting a new Pinky blog because this one is so excessively huge that even google won't touch it with a stick any more (at least not for free) and the bots be swarming now. I have apps and crawlers in several countries to thank for roughly 15% of my traffic, which is actually exceptional because I've been such a bio nazi. Check my latest webmii report from this week. (@LisaMarieBowman has me beat, but just barely. 😁) This is the most important part of the internet. If you need some kind of context, check out Ellen Dubin's Webmii. These are the 2 women I like holding up as a sort of goal to reach myself. (There are more, of course, I keep a list.)

But this is what it's all about in a nutshell. It's really important for a NAME to stand out and grab all the correct data into one curator. Lexx fans from the old days will probably do a double take here. I know, right? I never meant for this to happen, it just did. All I had to do was make sure I linked properly, like we were all told to do years ago. Srsly, all I had to do.

And that is leading (in a real time pop up kind of way, because this comes and goes depending on how actively I'm linking my Lexx stuff) to a grave but quite hilarious misunderstanding. The only 'related' person in this entire data collection (at this current info gathering) is someone I've been very careful to step further away from. That goes to a Webmii report for Michael which turns out is a composite of a number of Michaels with the same name, a completely not Michael's klout score and the wrong linkedin, and as you can see, there are a variety of Michaels flourishing in corporate America. The Anthony Ellis part is cool, he's my top retweeter.

My visibility doesn't rely on Pinky blog, obviously, although I've played google search to associate just about anything and everything with my name in media searches. This is spot on, though. This is web presence. I don't need a wiki page or an IMDB profile or a syndication host to create my own presence. I pretty much stick out like a sore thumb. All of this was planned. I've worked hard for this, and right now I'm coasting on a gap month hoping I don't lose it.

So the question comes up in my mind- Should I start a new Pinky blog? And when I think of even asking I feel like I should know the answer. I migrated once because of a server move, and I'm doing very well on blogger. I can live with the swarms and I feel like everything here is archived well. The only problem is what I call 'excessive baggage' alerts. Google is kind of insisting that I do something about all this and I'm thinking that's an 'excessive work' issue that I'm most likely not going to deal with. Spending time keeping blog maintenance up shaves time off other things. I enjoy blogging very much and will continue indefinitely. But I keep bringing up something about a book... (or two, or...)

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Also, I'm busy. It's about time to grab my lapels and fling myself against a wall again.

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