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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

bio nazi

Things I will never begin my bio with ANYWHERE, so if you ever see this stuff associated with my name, it's not me doing it.

Award winning- Really? Do you know how many award winning people are out there? MILLIONS. I have run into so many award-winning people online it's incredible. I wonder if some of them are counting their fourth grade something something trophies. I was president of a 4-H club for two years, but you don't see me saying President in my bio.

Published author- Right, because so many fanfic and blog writers out there are 'published' just hitting enter. Don't forget to link.

Professional- I'm very glad to say I'm not a professional killer, even though I've killed way more beings on this planet than most people I know. You do something long enough, you earn the 'pro' badge whether you get paid for it or not.

Energetic- I'm about to go into Spock mode about what that even means. Are you focused?

Global- Dictator is the proper word after this one.

Anything third person or chopping off personal pronouns and going straight to verbs- because that's so last decade.

Whimsical- This one word alone makes my brain kamakaze right out of my skull. If anyone wants to see my smoldery dragon breath, all they have to do is put the word 'whimsical' in my bio.

Passionate- This is a euphemistic word for 'competitive' and 'get out of my way' and 'I will eat you'. We all step aside and let passionate people plow their roads.

CEO of startup- I'm my own boss, too.

Optimistic- I debated 'optimistic pessimism' with my psychologist off and on for several years. I would never hire an optimist. I want people I work with to have contingency plans for everything that can go wrong any second.

Words I would use if it were true-

Certified- Because, you know, genius.

Currently- Good word. I, however, might jaunt into 'previously' just for sport.

Invincible- Because no one else ever uses it.

I really like these two bios. Both of these people out of several hundred got me to click and the second one especially impressed me after the click.

I'm kinda finding all this a funny distraction right now, especially since my own page is kind of a joke and I can't keep up with the activity going on there.

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