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Friday, January 2, 2015

I'll see your weekend and raise you a Disney

All you other grandparents out there on facebook making it look easy- stop that. If I find out next week that I've made it through another Christmas in flare up, I might turn it into a facebook brag-fest and up the ante for everyone else making my kiddo jealous. Super Pinky will also say pertinent things about people's significant other choices that keeps twisting our holiday seasons up into pretzels. Y'all know I write down everything.

I want to change all that. If I ever make my own money, *poof* I'm whisking my babies off to Florida for Christmas (cross your fingers, people). If that really does happen and even just one soul asks me what took so long, I will bonk heads all over facebook. What is taking so long is so many other people all around me continually thinking everything has to be done their way in their time, and that includes dying, nearly dying, life saving surgeries (there are several of you), funerals, and, oh yeah, all the other non life threatening stuff that stresses me out and I'm not even supposed to be involved, but I am because I'm kind. Or at least I used to be. I'm obviously less kind lately and several loved ones have retreated some emotional distance.

MONEY. We might go into severe deficit this coming year. We might get lucky and crash right into a pot of gold. In the meantime, would you other grandparents on facebook please start posting more realistically? It would save having to listen to admonishment on my part. "But so and so's mom watches HER grandchildren all the time, for weekends and a whole week and holidays and Sundays and..." Really? What did we just do here?

I love all the babies, big and small. Now, y'all chant with me- WORK WORK WORK WORK...

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