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Monday, January 5, 2015

Pinky Patrol

Ok, let's see where we are...

New year, new duties. I'm now on spambot patrol at the LittleLexx.net forum. That means I'll hafta check my 'official' email account more often. Hadn't realized 4 months went by since I'd checked the forum, and I'm really bad to not check that email account even once a week. I guess all that big prednisone in September messed me over, and then holidays, but now I've gotta FOCUS.

New year, new braining level. I've requested my LinkedIn archives because my brain is finally on enough to piece together early 2013 memories. That started with scouring old emails (yes, same email account) going way back for a single photoshop I did of Stanley Tweedle that I thought I emailed to myself from a much older computer collection (at the time I didn't have a pinterest account, which would have been much faster getting into from my laptop), and as I was speed scrolling I screeched to a halt in the middle of massive correspondence between 2 other website owners I was writing articles for because I caught sight of the LinkedIn notice that Gary Graham requested a connection, which was fortuitous because I had started wondering a couple of weeks ago for some reason exactly when that happened (I really have no memory of that)- aaaaaand promptly deleted it by mistake. High speed brain flexing is still a new toy, apparently the finger part of my brain didn't get the memo in the same split nano second as the other parts and *poof*. I wasn't upset, if anything I was still floating in amazement that my past is still pretty organized and *there* after all the brain fail I've been through. Still reconnecting synapses, but already I'm thrilled to no end that I'm understanding things like written instructions now, and remembering my way around the ridiculous LinkedIn maze. That's not the most user-friendly place in the world, so connecting those dots and finding out I can get archive history was pretty awesome this morning. Press the big pink button to see my profile there. By the way, I suck at recommending, sorry.

New year, new fears. I have a dr appt tomorrow, made it through all the holidays without one trip in this year, yay! That's pretty huge for a person like me. I'm suspecting I might be going hyperthyroid again though (crossing my fingers it's nothing more than that), kinda dreading asking for tests but I know better than to wait till I drop. Sudden onset of scary stuff is no joke, and bad stuff happens all the time to people who tolerate slow accumulation of symptoms without noticing. Last thing I need on possible jacked up SED, ANA, and atypical organ enzymes (yes, I'm probably blowing it out of proportion, but that's better than ignoring) is thyroid fail, and I feel like a couple of meds I'm on are masking a deeper problem than simple SVT showing back up. If aliens ever take me as a pet, they're going to wonder why I croaked off so fast, so I hope they never do.

New year, new friends. I'm trying to keep track of everyone, I really am. Please don't feel bad if I don't notice you for 2 months or something, especially while I'm in phone fail. I'm barely keeping up with my own family, and they can tell you I've never done this well with so many friends all over the place, so I feel like I'm in on a kind of new planet and still learning the city map and getting on the wrong subways and stuff. In the meantime...

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