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Monday, January 19, 2015

point the brain *that way*

Good morning, nice to see you all again on another Monday. I was going to skip this today but I'm apparently free associating so badly that I'm already doing the gerbil thing, and when I look back at the end of this day I'll be ticking boxes like "ran on wheel 1,846 times", "chewed through another bar", and "fluffed up another rag into a ball of fuzz". Basically, nonaccomplishment. Thank goodness I'm in a really good habit of hitting a blog early in the morning to focus all that extraneous activity chatter into a direction.

I was brilliant yesterday. I made the godmother of all lists, zipzipzip jotjotjot spellspellspell while Scott was watching the Packers pre-lose. I used a BIG spiral this time, dividing the page into lengths of thirds and titling month in each column. Everything I want done by the end of this month is in the first column, a sprinkling of things to keep in mind for next month is in the next column, and the third column is still blank but very important.

This is the time of year that I'm usually spinning out in complete brain fail, and I don't come back 'on' until about April, which means I monumentally screw up stacks of bills and taxes (I have stories, it's that bad), not to mention miss a couple of holidays and birthdays without even realizing the earth is still turning. I'm sure several enthused readers will think things like "Yep, she's gluten free now, about time" or "I told her about the magnesium thing two years ago" or "Cool, I'm getting a birthday present this year". Whatever. The brain is WORKING, yay!

Aaaaand, my brain is feeling a little calmer now. No more odd job code fixing or hunting high and low for a picture I thought I had or counting my yogurts (poor twitter). Time to spring forth and pounce all over my Monday. Hope you guys win your own wrestling matches out there. Oh, and for all the Yodas that keep swarming me out of the blue on twitter-

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