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Friday, January 23, 2015

paper hearts

This is a real thing. Click the snip to check it out.

Ok, what else is going on? This week has been one of my busiest since the holidays were over.

Saw my doctor yesterday, just a follow up. I already knew my holter came back 'negative' because I got a letter, but it was fun to watch the doctor's eyebrows go up and down reviewing a few *cough* highlights *cough*.  You know, like my heart taking a vacation and completely stopping for several beats, or suddenly pulling double and triple beats in one ventricle, but since none of what's going on is associated with anything known to be life threatening, it's been shrugged off for years over many event monitors.

I'm very aware when the beats stop, used to scare the sox off me, but once I found out my dad's has been doing the same thing for years and he's still here in his 80's, I settled down a bit. We both (my dad and I) think it's related to very high fever illnesses as children, most likely rheumatic fever. Not getting antibiotics in the olden days probably contributes (my opinion) to the plethora of pacemakers older people have nowadays. Take note, new age parents going back to the old ways. Damage over time equals big cost later if people want to live to ripe old ages.

This is partly why twitter is so important to me. I spend my days alone way out of town, and it helps knowing I can pop into lighthearted convo or banter at any moment to distract myself when something makes me nervous. This is also partly why I decided 2 1/2 years ago to keep blogging. We often don't have time for our own families, and it's work to keep up with everyone online, but from experience, I know that once someone's gone, loved ones search the internet for every scrap they can find of that person's life.

Scott and my sister are both into genealogy. They dig through historical books in special libraries for any mention of this person or that and visit cemeteries to find out what happened to people. I've been watching Scott piece together the life of one of his forebears (not sure if he's immediate or a side shoot on the ol' family tree), and he can just about tell a story now of how this guy, who was prolific in his community both politically and religiously, fell into terrible sadness over several years of witnessing his entire family die of this and that, until he wound up owning a saloon. You do what you've gotta do to keep going. This guy's life is really interesting and would make a great movie, but his actual story is practically lost to time because no one ever really wrote anything personal about him, or by him.

We are all like that. We are all living these great stories. You may have no idea *now* how interesting someone two generations down from you or even 300 years from now might find your life, and it'll be because they identify with you personally in some way. I run into so many people who think their lives are "boring", but with a little conversation and a few questions, I usually find out they have quirks that make them unique, they have weird problems that I don't find boring at all, they find unusual ways to solve problems that I find inspiring, and with a little interaction, we are usually laughing together about something cool. I like people. People are living stories.

If anything big ever happens, like a nuke over U.S. airspace that creates an EMP effect and knocks our grid out and we can't talk to each other on internet or maybe even on phones for awhile, I hope you guys pick up pens and spirals and keep writing your thoughts down. Keep writing, no matter what. Don't give up and think it doesn't matter. Everything about who we are is built on people that came before us who kept writing things down. It doesn't matter how you spell or whether your penmanship is good, just write. Being able to transfer our thoughts to other people even hundreds of years later is such a neat blessing.

Okay, done being gooey. Valentine's Day is coming. I must torture you.

I promise I won't bug y'all with this again. Click the snip to nominate. Super thanx.

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