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Saturday, January 3, 2015

early morning Snake

I find myself deep in Plissken meme territory at 5:15 a.m. while the skies debate whether torrential or icy is better this time of year. I made this one.

This actually started last night when a freelance t-shirt artist photobombed one of the Lexx groups yesterday with an awesome Zev shirt he was wearing, so I lurked around this morning and discovered his artist page and that he has also done a Snake Plissken tee.

So far no ice, might get a little snow mix tonight, might be icy tomorrow, but all indication at this point is that I'll probably still wake up to hot coffee. By then I hope I know what day I'm in. This is my third Saturday in a row because Scott's been off work since he pulled in on New Year's Eve. Nothing like starting a year off with 3 Saturdays in a row.

That's it, brain's gone. I can't seem to move very well, either, so see ya.

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