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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

overcoming the hazards of #brainshock

This week is like SpongeBob and Gary switching bodies. My mind is zip zip zip and my body is meow.

Got my annual report to the government turned in. zip

I lost it last year, turned it in late, someone in between lost it, they contacted me and asked where is it, I discovered I had disastrously forgotten to photocopy the original and had to dig up even more aging info to complete the report again, turned it into a local office (the waiting room sucked), where they couldn't tell me the status of whether the original ever arrived because Scott (my legal representative) was at work, BUT (and here is where glitchy brain really kicks in) we received assurance later that our efforts were in vain because they already had the info, or something like that. Brain glitching was still in pretty high gear for months last year, because tax season was nearly over before that got resolved, and it had nothing to do with taxes.

Got next month's bills lined up already. zip

My winter bills have been a nightmare for years because I'm usually in #brainshock after the holidays. My math skills have been bordering on extreme sports kind of disasters ever since the original brain crash in '04, but over the last three years I've been able to at least catch that I'm making mistakes, even with a calculator. That's right, I can still barely even use a simple calculator. I was playing yahtzee on a secret mission the other day and blanked so badly on 8+5 that I couldn't even count it out on my fingers. I still hang onto being told back in the 90s that I had the highest score ever on the math test going into nursing school, and I really did ace college algebra exams in pen, which I remember because a teacher asked me to stop that because it was intimidating the other students, one of whom had failed the class five times. Like yeah, meet me in history 101 because I had to take that over, too, it's not my thing and the guy behind me was convinced he gave the guy in front of me some kind of seizure and was so relieved I never keeled over right in front of him, too, although I did fall asleep a few times and he kindly poked me to wake me up just in the nick of time. At any rate, for me to be figuring out next month's bills (paying off Christmas) and actually have the math done correctly is monumental. I should go get an 8+5 tattoo or something.

I even got my zazzle store off the ground. zip

I only created that account fifteen months ago... haha. Yeah, I finally have one item for sale. No big expectations, just a few ideas I've been kicking around for several years. I'm still blanking out regularly, so it's a wonder anything gets done at all, actually. I still make a list every day. After already renewing a library book, I added it to my daily to-do list this week, right? READ BOOK. Oh, yeah... Then I turn around and walk a few steps and blank out again, wind up doing a load of laundry because laundry is so handy for feeling like I accomplished something when I don't remember what else I was going to do.

2015 blew in a little dramatically around here, so I'm sure I'll stay pretty busy. If my brain can keep up... who knows what will happen this year. #exciting Here comes my brain dance.

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