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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pinky Knight and the Dish Templar Disaster

So you're muddling your way maddeningly through a massive DVR timer scheduling shift to make room for football all weekend, and along the way you notice that the episode numbering for The Curse of Oak Island in the Dish guide doesn't follow the same logical viewing path as the original air dates at all. #facepalm Again?

Pinky is a Dishpert. I've been fixing my viewing schedules for years. Pinky realizes that the wide and varied viewing audience out there doesn't always have the time to figure these things out, what with kids around, chronic illness brain fog, winter storm Klingon knocking power out for a week, etc. So Pinky pulled up History's website episode list and made copious notes. The lower half of the page here shows the correct viewing order, with a comparison of episode numbering between Dish and History. If I were managing data entry for them, I'd be all aspienado on their butts for viewers who can't stop and spend 20 minutes figuring this out, especially with kids around, or chronics experiencing brain fog, or even just frustrated fellow scientists who feel like they're dealing with freshman level data entry for masters level programming.

If the Knights Templar had been this sloppy hiding their treasures, we'd have found them by now. Just saying.

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