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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

girl squad

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Got our new routine down already. Bunny and mama get up after Papa leaves for work, and I do my running after they go to daycare and work. It's a temp gig and I'm enjoying it. It's challenging me to step up a little more, so once again I have motivation to conquer and thrive.

Been digging out another mountain in Mo Creatures, converting to multilevel pumpkin production (cash crop), kinda looks like a stacked parking garage. Going all the way to bedrock, nearly 2500 pumpkins planted so far, going to double that soon, pretty much turning over every single stone as I go. Smelting rakes in experience points, experience levels translate to triple enchanted armors, weapons, and tools, plus ores galore, so the patience pays off and other players think I'm rich.

As I mine and plant, I'm thinking lately about 'damage'. There are stats for 'damage dealt' and 'damage taken', but that's mostly for the players and the equipment. It doesn't show up for blocks. No matter how many times I break a dirt block, I can reuse it like brand new. It doesn't take damage. While I'm mining I inflict a sort of damage on all kinds of blocks, but once they pop out of place, they're fine. If I let my focus slip and slide off that block while I mine, pulling back in place starts over again. The block doesn't retain a damage level and then break more easily later.

People aren't like that, are they? People get broken, and the damage can be retained for a very long time. They don't just pop back into place. I'm finding it interesting that the kinds of people who deal out damage seem to expect that. It's like they can't understand or grasp that they're the problem inflicting the damage in the first place that they want to go away and not bother them.

I'm having lots of other thoughts, too, but even though I'm focusing on more #transparency in 2017, I need to be considerate because this isn't actually Pinky's stuff. It's other people's stuff, and it's their place to share or not share. But I will venture into enough #transparency to share that I'm not aware of any physical harm. The psychological scarring runs pretty deep, though, and it's been all I can do holding back. Janika has loads of experience levels in the darker realms, and you guys have been watching Pinky lightly splash out public pix for reasons. If this kiddo ever disappears, I've got a whole world looking out for her sweet little face. No one thinks that will really happen, but no one ever does, do they? Head games suck in a variety of ways. Fortunately (and very sadly), the couch seemed to be the bigger issue.

I know my blogs look a bit desolate because I don't encourage comments at all (and please just don't now too, thanx), but what you guys don't see is the private contact I get. I'm not fond of people building armies and pointing them in directions for group hate, and I've got a prime opportunity in my hands to do just that. It's a nice weapon to have if I need one. #transparency- Several people have actually offered to do my first husband in for me for free. I thank people for their concern, but some are serious and I really don't want to author that kind of history, knowhutImean? I have a feeling a whole lot more response would happen if anything ever happened to Bunny. Not a threat, just being #transparent about my social network being solid and if I ever unleash something very upsetting to public, it won't be to whine and hint.

Smite IV silver sword always at my side. I never leave home without it.

If levity is even possible this week after watching our daughter cry that hard...

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