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Monday, April 3, 2017

under new management

Running into stuff like this is too cute
I may experiment a little this month and change things up a bit. I've mostly let my obsessions over stats go, but a few months ago a 'regular' showed up and I have never been able to definitively sort whether it's a real person or a crawler that seems to be stuck on a post trail for whatever reason, but since I'm not seeing a common theme and this is so regular, I'm still sort of leaning toward bot even though I usually get hard evidence in stats when that happens. This visitor is simply invisible and outside my country. I'm not against someone popping open the same 4 or 6 or 8 posts every so many hours, but last month being my 4th highest in 31 months kinda hangs on that visitor. And it's weird because so many of my visitors don't show up at all because their masking is so good now, and it's usually sheer accident that they show up somehow.

Never underestimate a 3 year old who has to oversee an entire operation and long outlasts all the adults. I'm calling retail chain manager. She could surprise me and go another route, but whatever she does, she will be the boss.
When I first started this blog, I had the regulars memorized- IPs, locations, user info that included tech and carrier specs. Over several months I trained a lot of you to go invisible because it really is shocking how much shows up in my stats. I mean, I don't see you and your dog in your backyard, but I have been able to get Google earth zooms on a few actual street addresses (some of them in very surprising places), usually when people get new phones or tablets and haven't yet set up and logged into browser masking. And it worked, most of you have vanished into the mists and the savvier ones don't show up on trackers at all (you can choose to surf the webs anonymously in your settings), which makes it more fun on my end because it's harder to see you, and the game is on, right? lol

She's convinced all this pre-Easter fun is actually Halloween with different colors.
Anyway, all I know about this one visitor is different country, direct visits to bookmarked or already open pages, no apps involved, no bot ghosting, and so regular I could just about guess when they're sleeping. This isn't someone checking on Pinky blog by just typing in the dotcom (get tons of those), but actual specific over and over routine, and the reason I still sort of kinda lean toward human is that once in awhile it changes slightly. So I've started experimenting again, like not link sharing on the medias, or taking the popular list down, and none of what I do changes any of it, so whoever or whatever it is doesn't actually crawl Pinky blog for updates or check the archives like some of my readers that wind up lost in here. I've had some very savvy bots in the past update the pings along with my new material, and that ain't happenin, so... experimentation continues.

Assistant manager.
Employee of the month.
As you can imagine, all writing has temporarily stopped, but I did get to see the Walking Dead season finale last night, yay, and we'll have a routine going here in no time. Who didn't see that coming? And that's why you don't go from group to group making deals. And y'all know Eugene had to know what would happen... That entire thing was socially deficit Eugene taking an opportunity to 'engineer' a bad social situation, singlehandedly. I give the guy 5 stars.

And here I go, I'm busy.

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