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Friday, April 7, 2017


End of long week nearly achieved.

I wish my parents had had meme humor years ago. This clicks to an excellent post by a cool parent.

I'm currently barely functioning and about to slide into rocket fuel. Careful with this one, if you click you'll get sucked into pinterest and never come back.

Nearly to the end of my physical therapy extension, and I woke up in such a mid back left rib shoulder blade spasm that I had to arch over chairs and the sink and other crazy contortions before I could even lift the coffee to pour a cup. Knocked a painting off a wall, broke right out of the frame. Wish I could say my super klutz outfit is in the wash, but apparently I slept in it. I don't know what it is about physical therapy that gets everyone so excited in there (all my little cells), but this is my per usual, needing a break from PT. Wouldn't it be cool if we could actually see other people's pain like this? I bet we'd be real surprised what people all around us live with and never say a word. Click for a much more organized fibro blog than mine.

Ok, first cup down, second cup and then a shower and then gogogo out my door to a stack of stuff. I can do this.

Since @bonenado is off today and chauffeuring me around, I'll be free to space out and think about what else I want to do in Mo Creatures. The weekend is coming, and I've been piling up the enchanted armors getting ready for the big melees while my clan has been stuck at work irl.

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