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Thursday, August 3, 2017

back to conspiracy school

You know how you wake up on a Thursday thinking it's Monday? No? Nevermind.

Yes, eight days since I posted here last. Many things have happened.
  • @bonenado cleaned out a thriving black widow nest full of thousands of hatching babies from under Bunny's slide. Innocent childhood joy, gone. She also went to the fair and saw lots of cool farm animals and hit the carnival rides. Aaaaaand a few days later she fractured her arm about half an inch above the wrist when a climbing adventure went all wrong. Turns out gravity. Yeah, we're learning basic physics. They don't teach you that stuff on PJ Masks. I blame Luna Girl.

  • It's not all Bunny stuff. I had a stupid reaction to mustard and did a 4-day pred burst that resulted in a super sweet pain cessation while I was on it, so I had a really fun day out shopping with the kids for the first time in months. That, in turn, is resulting in Bunny being super thrilled that it's all about getting her own super cute bathroom remodel upstairs. Wait, it's about Bunny... hm.

  • I didn't want to throw away some strawberries (that I bought for Bunny), so I invented a new pie that is barely being nibbled and will wind up in many more ingredients being thrown out, as well. Hey, go big, right. I'll leave you to wonder how it all got purple. There's cream cheese in there, though, so maybe it's ok. Oh, someone ate more, surprise.

  • Back to school shopping! That was exciting. I got an awesome new mouse, a cool new t-shirt, an actual real dress blouse (from China!), and new curriculum. I have a stack of conspiracy fiction books my dad would be thrilled to believe were true. I've been too busy minecrafting to actually open them, but they're there in case the bug bites. Oh, yeah, Bunny got stuff, too. I'm very envious of her lunchbox.

  • Some of you are wondering if Papa ever gets anything. Bunny got him a unicorn shirt for his birthday, sweet.

  • I may hafta do something really nice for him this weekend. We'll be married 24 years on Saturday. Maybe I'll harvest some extra punkins on Mo Creatures and buy him a Fortune III enchantment book. Too bad we can't get stuff like that in real life. I refuse to buy lottery tickets on general principle. He's been donating to wealthy winners for 2 decades now, but I think it should stay more local, like maybe donating to a chiropractor for all those years spent in college helping people recover from, oh I dunno, falling out of trees... We still debate over strength of will vs injuries and arthritis issues.

  • Wait, are we done bullet pointing? I need to run out the door, see ya.
In honor of both back to school and the poor souls who Facebook shamed, I think we should all take a quick education look at human education. Personally, I think flat vs round is blown apart with a big smash of holographic string theory that will itself eventually become quaint, but that's a whole silly blog post unto itself. I believe I hypertorused a cat once...

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